Platform OS

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Platform OS is a new operating system being developed by LeveL X. (



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Web-process-admin - Ruby based process admin tool that allows issuing of shell commands on remote te

Somewhat incomplete process admin tool(starting point for a bigger process admin project),that allows administering of remote clients,for example killing processes, via web interface. Attempts to be cross platform(Os X, Linux, Win32) by using PSTOOLS on windows. Requires Ruby intepreter and Rinda library. Discovers hosts via broadcast and uses rinda tuplespaces to keep track of the hosts. Many features yet to be implemented like saving of history of commands. Here's first few lines from the prog

Mongodb-shell - Java Swing based mongodb frontend

OverviewThe mongodb-shell application aims to be a handy and portable frontend for a Mongo database written in java. It comes with a connection manager, script editor, javascript engine compatible with default mongo shell and convenient query result presentation to allow you to work with your mongo database much more easily. The UI layout is inspired by the SQuirreL SQL with multiple db sessions support and historical query results as tabs. It's written in java so it should run fine on any platf

O2platform - OWASP O2 Platform

IMPORTANT: The code has moved to GitHub, and the O2 installer is now: The OWASP O2 Platform is an OWASP Project which is a collection of Open Source modules that help Web Application Security Professionals to maximize their efforts and quickly obtain high visibility into an application's security profile. The objective is to 'Automate Application Security Knowledge and Workflows" The main O2 website (with documentation and videos) is at htt

Rvir09projekt - WinMobile app

Aplikacija bo namenjena vsem brucem na podro�ju Maribora. Brucem bo zagotavljala informacije, s pomo�jo katerih se bodo lažje znašli v mestu. Vse lokacije kot so fakultete, kavarne, kino centri, diskoteke, športni objekti bodo locirane na zemljevidu google maps. Do njih bo prikazana oddaljenost od trenutne to�ke, možnost prebiranja informacij o izbrani lokaciji, možnost komentiranja uporabnikov itd. Glavna storitev bo torej lociranje objektov za lažjo orientacijo. Aplikaciji bomo lahko


Installer for the O2 Platform


Main O2 and 3rd party dlls


Codebase for version 3 of the O2 platform (based on .NET 4.0)