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As of July 7, 2011 active development on Plankton will be committed to our SVN repository hosted at Google Code:



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Plankton-platform - An Erlang style actor library for Objective-C

This tiny Objective-C library allows you to send and receive asynchronous messages between processes or threads akin to the Erlang concurrency approach. Plankton is thus an actor oriented peer-to-peer platform for asynchronous share-nothing message passing. Messages can be any Objective-C objects which represent property-lists. Plankton uses the Cocoa property-list encoding for the on-the-wire representation. Message reception is done via the NSPredicate facility of Coca which allows for sophist

Myoo-zick - A musical sequencer / composer / performer / programmer for children.

UPDATE 09/18/09: I will upload this project's code and executables very soon. I am just cleaning up the directories and figuring out SVN. Myoo-Zick (pronounced music), is a musical sequencer / composer / performer / programmer for children. There is a palette of musical modules that can be connected to create music. Example video here: It can be both deterministic and aleatoric. It can also be automatic with respect to musical rules or theory. I imagine it as a sort-of S


A Java utility library

plankton - A static blog generator for node

A static blog generator for node


This small Sinatra application allows you to store passwords encrypted in an web service. You don't need to send user password via email. You can access the link once, after this password is deleted!