Planets 3D

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No longer actively maintained - take over maintenance! A graphical tool for the simulation of the solar system, based on gravity power calculations. Focus lies on a nice OpenGL graphic and user friendly modification possibilities. Subject Astronomy



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Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulae and others things like ground, landscape, atmosphere, etc.


ai.planet is a virtual world for artificial intelligence. Developers can study and visualize algorithms in a versatile 3D environment.


OpenUniverse is a fun, fast and free space simulator. It currently focusses on the Solar System and lets you visit all of its planets, major moons and a vast collection of smaller bodies in realtime 3D (using OpenGL).

Worldslib - Open-source 3D Worlds Library for Processing

What is Worlds?Worlds will be an open-source 3D extension to Processing. It will combine at least the following features:Procedural construction of interactive three dimensional spaces Generation and rendering of 3-d planets, landscapes and simple models (vehicles, buildings) Intuitive encapsulation of Processing camera Simple packaging as a Processing library Project StatusThe engine in still in alpha, but I'm far enough along to begin thinking about documentation, example projects, etc.

Star System Simulator

Star System Simulator can perform 3D simulations of planetary positions using Euler-Cromer and Runge-Kutta (4th order) methods. The results are displayed on a 3D scatter plot and are exportable to a log file. The application is written in C# and WPF.

Stableorbit - A distributed Solar System generator and 3d gravity simulator

TODO NEXT: Shooting Picking Station Model Wireframe GUI Elements abels and menus ath tracking ode selection rientation elements octree New Features inelastic collisions dynamic lighting glow shader better scales for planets and ships collision detection tilt z axis with w and r full python console! toggle with ` Two armed Spiral Galaxy generation multi planet systems a spaceship with first person control the ability to launch meteors from the ship zoom in and out with the mouse wheel accelerate


Univerx, a Solar System simulator in OpenGL 3D to show planet's translation and rotation. Includes phisical simulation of orbital movement, textured and lighted planet surfaces and customizable interactive view of the model.

Eclipticwar - A 3d, pause-able, real-time space strategy game.

A personal project (though I would welcome collaborators and contributers) to develop a reasonably playable real time strategy game in true 3d, featuring more complicated physics and game model then seen in most commercial games. The project is currently being rebuilt from scratch in python, using the python-ogre bindings to the Ogre3d library for graphics, as well as SciPy and other python goodness for some of the math. While this is a 3d strategy game, graphics are not a priority: My current p

Contact1 - Alien first contact game

Can you survive first contact?“You have landed on an alien planet. The air is strange, and leaves a sting in your eyes. Through the thick green mist you can see a figure approaching. Your heart races is it gets nearer. What will you say? What will you do? Will first contact with this species be peaceful? Or is this mission your last?Encounter an infinite variety of new lifeforms as you explore the galaxy and attempt to build alliances. Be careful not to upset the natives – sometimes what is

Starflighttlc - Starflight - The Lost Colony

6/11 - Release 1.00: - Beta #4 11/09 - Beta #3 10/09 - Beta #2 Starflight - The Lost Colony is an epic science-fiction adventure game that spans the galaxy, giving the player free-roaming gameplay in and around star systems with unique planetary systems filled with planets and asteroids that can be landed on and explored in real time. Starflight - The Lost Colony is a 2D free-roaming game that attempts to cater to the cerebral gamer with

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