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PlanetLab is an open research testbed for developing, deploying, and accessing planetary-scale services.



Related Projects

Distributed-software-application-crawler - A 3 phase project to deploy distributed applications on t

Phase 1, PlanetLab Monitoring Service Phase 2, Single-Node Gnutella Crawler Phase 3, Master-Worker Gnutella Crawler

PlanetLab Visualizer

The PlanetLab Visualizer is intended to help users to run their experiments on PlanetLab hosts. The main advantages are the ease of use and the support for Linux and Windows OSes.

Everstats - Monitoring system for PlanetLabs

A monitoring front-end for PlanetLab systems. Everstats is designed to monitor node and slice activity on PlanetLab systems. It retrieves public data from a PlanetLab Central Server (MyPLC) and then polls the slicestats package located on each planetlab node to gather specific performance data. Everstats provides daily aggregate performance data. Everstats is a Ruby on Rails project using Python for the data collection.

Plab-fd - A (distributed) Failure Detector for PlanetLab

We are using PlanetLab to study distributed failure detection. First, we intend to measure and collect data about network delay roundtrip times (RTT) in a global environment. The collected data will give us a snapshot of real network conditions of some distributed (PlanetLab) nodes. We will use this data to develop and calibrate a Distributed Failure Detector (DFD), having PlanetLab nodes/slices as the target system. The idea is to use PlanetLab as both a measurement testbed for experiments with

Planetary Scale Event Router

Planetary Scale Event Propagation and Router (quot;PsEPRquot; pronounced quot;pepperquot;) is an experimental status and notification service. Pub/sub system for exchange of XML messages creating an event service for PlanetLab (

Distributed Services Management Toolkit

The Distributed Services Management Toolkit (“DSMT”) provides the tools for easy deployment and operation of an application on multiple PlanetLab nodes.

chrome_planetlab - Planetlab monitoring summary extension for Google Chrome

Planetlab monitoring summary extension for Google Chrome