The Planet Earth Project

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Free web3D interactive, extensible, full-scale earth map created and annotated by the public. Like a 3D google + world wiki. Includes integration with enterprise web services. OGC 3D services and 3D chat (vrspace) planned. X3D amp; VRML standards based.



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Cs6310-p3-team3 - Diffusion Design Study - Part 3

This project uses the same application domain as the Heated Plate and Heated Earth projects, but adds new functional and non-functional features. It asks you to prepare a simulation of the temperature of the planet Earth that includes a tilted axis and an elliptical orbit around the Sun. In addition, it includes the ability to save and retrieve simulation data.

Globeview - GlobeView planet viewer

Rotate and zoom interactive images of the earth using a variety of map projection methods. Watch the movement of the day/night terminator as the sun rises and sets on different geographic locations.

Satdash - SAT Dash - A small game about destroying satellites

Welcome, Glarxz. As you know we are planning invasion of the planet Earth and subsequent enslavement of all its unwary natives. You will be responsible for the important task of sabotaging Earthling satellites on Sector 9 of the Earth orbit. Remember, the more satellites you will destroy the more your bonus will be. Here is your Magnetic Attractor, Corporal. Now get going. It seems that your task as a generic green alien on active duty is to destroy satellites orbiting Earth! Destroy as much as

Cs6310-p2-team3 - Design Study - Simulating Heat Diffusion across the Earth

Software architecture issues come into play when non-functional requirements force design trade-offs. This project uses the same application domain as the Heated Plate project, but generalizes it to simulate the temperature of the planet Earth as it is heated by the Sun. The project also asks you to explore issues of software architecture. Specifically, it adds in considerations of initiative and concurrency.

Aaplus - Astronomical Library

AA+ is a C# implementation of the C++ implementation by PJ Naughter from the algorithms presented in the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus. See PJ Naughters page for the original implementation: You can use this code to figure out the positions of all the planets and some moons.

Orionrise - Online Browser-based Science Fiction / Post Apocalyptic strategy game

Some time in the future the Earth is facing imminent destruction for the second time since the time a major meteorite crushed on earth and extinguished almost all life on Earth. Facing this major problem and having very little time the combined force of Earth’s scientists came up with a plan to create huge spaceships that will practically seed this part of the galaxy with human life. The player is taking the place of one of those space-pod captain and wakes up the minute that his pod lands on

JOrrery N-Body Simulator

JOrrery simulates the motion of planets moving under gravity. It comes with a number of initial quot;scenariosquot; you can run, such as quot;The solar systemquot;, quot;Earth amp; Moonquot; etc. You can also add more planets during a simulation.

Blastoff - Mozilla Jetpack BlastOff

Jetpack BlastOffUse our Jetpack to BlastOff unwanted sections of your favorite websites! Let our BlastShield protect you from the flames of the Internet. BlastOff is Easy to Use:Click the BlastOff icon Select the section of the website you want to disappear Your Done! You can toggle on/off the BlastShield if you decide you want to return to planet Earth, and all your settings are saved. Even after you close your browser. Make sure you check out the settings for this Jetpack on your about:jetpack

dttools: DeltaT sonar processing and surface generation tools

The deltat processing tools (dttools) are used to process the data coming from the ENDURANCE mission to Lake Bonney, Antarctica ( NASA's Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Program is supporting ENDURANCE - the Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic ANtarctic Explorer - to demonstrate concepts for exploring the ice-covered ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa. ENDURANCE is designed to swim untethered under ice, in order to creat

Starflighttlc - Starflight - The Lost Colony

6/11 - Release 1.00: - Beta #4 11/09 - Beta #3 10/09 - Beta #2 Starflight - The Lost Colony is an epic science-fiction adventure game that spans the galaxy, giving the player free-roaming gameplay in and around star systems with unique planetary systems filled with planets and asteroids that can be landed on and explored in real time. Starflight - The Lost Colony is a 2D free-roaming game that attempts to cater to the cerebral gamer with