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PlaneDisaster.NET is a .NET Database front end for JetSQL (Microsoft Access File Format) and SQLite. In addition to basic database browsing and querying, it can create new JetSQL and SQLite files as well as compact and repair JetSQL databases. Source cod



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Mapmakr - Using Android to make maps in a humitarian disaster

If you’re an aid worker responding to a humanitarian crisis, up to date, accurate, and easy to read maps are vital. Knowing whether a bridge has collapsed, a road is passable and where you can land planes bringing in aid is really important. If you’re a refugee arriving at a camp, which looks like a city of tents then it’s really useful to know where the field hospitals, sanitary facilities and food tents are. These are the reasons behind the MapMaker application. Often the disaster itself

Virtualillusionsdomination - first virtual illusions project

Project Cryptic Shadow: KendricksWe always thought we would be alone in this universe. But we were wrong. Not only were we not alone in our universe, but our universe wasn’t the only one. Soon after 95% of our natural resources were used up with no successful plans to create artificial ones, our scientist found a way to venture out of our universe and discover new worlds. We met humans, humans just like us. Laws of nature suddenly became irrelevant, and we had learned new ones. But what we wan