Plan B Engine

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The Plan B engine project is a project aimed at creating a powerful, customizable engine using C++ and OpenGL. The first release will almost certainly be for Win32, but it will eventually be ported to *NIX.



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Talismanppc - talisman jabber bot for PocketPC

talisman+neutron (combined)is a jabber bot written in python (changes by planb) install instructions: make sure you have pythonCE installed on your device ,support ppc (pocketpc) and windows mobile smartphones. pythonCE Is hosted at .before running the bot please read the README. (will run on any OS that has Python 2.x and up). Now with A.L.I.C.E chat bot and AIML support! for queries on changes ,how to run the bot or suggestions visit: or add

Octopus - distributed system built by centralizing everything

Octopus is a system designed to provide ubiquitous access to computing resources. Its approach is unique in that the central idea to distribute the system is to centralize everything on a personal computer. Devices and other services are later connected to this central system to provide distributed computing. The system derives from Plan B, therefore it is heavily influenced by Plan 9 and Inferno, and shares most of the source code with both systems.


old plan-b research website

planb - PlanB repository for

PlanB repository for

planb - some app

some app

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Operator Retirement Plan B