Plan 6

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Plan 6 is intended to be a modular Rogue-like game framework and content which is built using C# and XNA 4.0.



Related Projects

Human AI Net

The plan is to network our minds together at the conscious and subconscious and metaphysical levels through interactive psychology of feedback loops between many user-interfaces in a global scale-free peer-to-peer network, like mouse movements (2 dimensions), evolving Java code that reads from microphone and writes to speakers (wave amplitude per channel is position, 44100 per second), mind reading game controllers like Emotiv Epoc or OpenEEG, OSC musical instrument protocol, Nintendo Wii

Hsp-planners - The HSP family of planners

The project contains the three HSP planners: hsp, hsp-r and hsp2. For more details, see B. Bonet and H. Geffner. HSP: Heuristic Search Planner. First description of HSP at the AIPS-98 Planning Competition, Pittsburgh 6/98. (PDF) B. Bonet and H. Geffner. Planning as Heuristic Search: New Results. Proc. of 5th European Conf. on Planning (ECP). 1999. Springer LNCS 1809. Pages 359-371. (PDF) D. Long, H. Kautz, B. Selman, B. Bonet, H. Geffner, J. Koehler, M. Brenner, J. Hoffmann, F. Rittinger, C. And

Ipaddr - IP utility knife for javascript

Validate, expand, compact, and extract various pieces of information from both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with a focus on speed and accuracy. Here are just some of the current and planned capabilities: Offload address validation to the client first. Determine network size with one call. Compare addresses. Simple (address malformation) and extensive (private blocks) validation

Mastermind-net - Mastermind game library for .Net

Mastermind is a simple game engine to create a game. With this library, all you have to worry is the user interface, because all the hard work is already done! The benefits of using this library: All you need is to work on the GUI (or CLI !) Complete engine for the 3 Mastermind levels (4, 5 and 6 colors) + custom game levels, for single player (2 players planned!) Scores per game and global Easy game integration (use a sequential paradigm for your application; events are planned!) Small footprin

Grbl-lgm - web app - gwt

GRBL Application with Google Web Toolkit.AimAllowing a manager to visualize the activity of his staff through a planning interactive. From this planning he can plan on a daily basis to achieve the staff but may also extract graph to have concrete figures of the activity. FeaturesView all the staff with their main activity in a schedule. Add/Remove someone from the database. Add/Remove type of activity from the database. To plan for the following months. A page dedicated to statistics via graphs

Windows Mobile Poker Planning

A Windows Mobile Planning Poker application.

Factionofwar - Hopefully an ok RPG eventually

Faction of War is in early developmental stages, but I hope to get it working in 6 months to a year. If it would be how I have planned, I reckon it'd be an interesting game. Anyway, back to coding notw I am using the building browsergames tutorial to build this

Npp-installer - A script to install the popular Win32 editor Notepad ++ in Linux

This is a simple python script which install Notepad++ on Debian/Ubuntu (or any other distro that uses apt-get.) This project is not associated with the Notepad++ team. UPDATE: 5/6/09: I am planning to update the project soon with the latest versions of Ubuntu, Wine and NPP. Stay tuned and thanks to all that use this npp-installer!

Printonline - users can select the template,drop photos and finally get a PDF format album

This project created by Bigbowl.Yuan and Vincent.Li。 Hope this project would be the first open source website in this area. We plan to begin our project at 2008-2-6 and realese the first version at 2008-3-30. Thanks for your attention.

Defender - Game

A 6DOF game based on Descent. It was originally planned to be a clone, but it has grown since then, and will be a bit more than that! The final product will not be sold, it is purely a game for fun, and is free to be distributed, at any stage of completion to anyone. It is using the BGE internal game engine in multi-texture mode. It is designed to run on almost any computer.