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PlanMyDay is a planner for daily appointments and todos for PalmOS. Durations and a sort order can be assigned for checking if time is running away on todays appointmets.



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Handkstory - DK's applications

Free dayThis project for one of my major subject, Open source programming in Jeju National University. I plan to make mash up service that uses me2day open API. me2day is a Korean social network service that similar with twitter. Essentially it has only "me too" function, but I plan to make "object" function.

Shadow-org - Convert emacs org-mode file to Shadow Plan XML (and back)

A set of scripts for converting an emacs org-mode text file to a Shadow Plan XML file for viewing on a Palm handheld. Emacs org-mode is a brilliant plain-text outliner/planner/to-do-list-organizer for my favorite text editor. Shadow Plan (a Palm Outliner) is pretty much defunct these days, god bless it, but it was the de-facto standard for outliners/task managers on the Palm. I hacked these scripts together to convert my org-mode outlines to Shadow Plan XML files and vice versa. I don't use thes

7days7apps is a Project to create 7 web apps in 7 days.

Update. I have shutdown apache where these apps were running. The source for all of these is of course available, so please check them out and run, if you want to see any of the sources. We are using Django, to create these web apps. The web apps we want to create as part of this project (In no particular order are). Todo lists - Done Polling Engine - Done Code pastebin - Done. Job search site, Probably would not do this, as did Answrs on day 5 though I have the cod for this some what done. The

Springteacherassistant - Web Application using Java and Spring servicing teachers K-12 in their clas

View news and documentation here: Check the Downloads section for documentation and presentation materials etc... This is the Thesis project for William R. Easton in partial requirement for the Software Engineering Masters program at the University of Scranton. This thesis project is a web application implemented with Java using the Spring Framework and Hibernate. Thesis Proposal The purpose of this thesis is to fulfill the needs of teachers who do not have adequa

Agenda2pdf - Generate an agenda file in .pdf format

IntroductionThis program generates a book agenda file in PDF format, ready to be printed or to be loaded on a ebook reader. You can choose among different sections. Each section have pdf links to other parts of the agenda. I've created it for using with my iLiad eBook reader. Btw, I recommend using with ipdf gmt's for editing version. Released under GNU Public License v3 or later. Two screenshots of sample pages: - week page, landscape (option W) - day page, vertical (option d) You can download

Mitter - Micro-blogging client with multiple interfaces

What's MitterMitter is a micro-blogging client. Currently, you can use it on Linux, Windows and OS X (running PyGTK) and on a console/terminal; it works with Twitter. More interfaces and Networks are planned for the future. Current version 0.4.5 "It's a UNIX system! I know this!": Brown paper bag release: Again, missing files. One day I'll learn. 0.4.4 "Hold on to your butts.": Fixed the problem with Twitter not resizing their avatars properly Fixed a crash on OS X systems. 1.0.0 alpha releases

Pl-scrabble-like-java - Java implementation of Scrabble game (focused on Polish language)

IntroductionThe project will be focused on Scrabble for Polish language. As for now it's not planned to make it configurable thus all language-specific stuff might be hardcoded deeply in the source code. At the moment project is in early alpha phase. Do not expect fully working solution! You can only press OK and watch how hardcoded words are added to the board and player's score is updated - see Hardcoded Words However, all the communication (including class/method/variable/etc names as well as

Tizzit - Tizzit JEE Rich Client Content Management System

ATTENTION: CODE IS MOVED TO!Tizzit is a Java J2EE content management system with a rich client user interface written in Swing. The content management has rich functionality regarding content syndication based on Cocoon and an easy user interface for nuts. It is a mature product and is used in production for about 6 years. It covers millions of requests per day on some servers and is used all over the world by international companies. TechnicalsThe Tizzit 3.0 release which is the firs

Pylatinam - Linguistic processing of Latin language words

pyLatinamPyLatinam is a Python module that processes Latin language words. This includes, for time being, declension and conjugation (morphology), with plans to upgrade code to support more processing, even on syntactic level. The project reflects my interest in language, natural language processing and programming. However, I am not professional programmer nor I know Latin language well. API documentation is hosted here. It's not cleaned up, though. Current version: 0.1.9New version is here: py

Pleaves - A collection of PHP classes to integrate basic content from other sites.

IntroPLeaves is a collection of standalone PHP classes that allow you to integrate content from other websites easily without having to deal with their APIs. Each PHP class offers basic functionality (reads are the only operation that is currently supported) and is designed to be fast (all XML parsing is done with XMLReader) and lightweight (built-in functions are used wherever possible and necessary methods have been rewritten instead of using popular frameworks to get rid of all the gunk). Sta