PL/I front-end for GCC

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Front-end for GNU Compiler Collection for the PL/I programming language



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Xmpphp - XMPPHP: The PHP XMPP Library

XMPPHP is the successor to Class.Jabber.PHP that I've been promising for years. Taking advantage of PHP5, I believe it to be an elegant solution with a direct approach. Some of the features include: Connect to any XMPP 1.0 server (Google Talk, LJ Talk,, etc) Supports TLS encryption Several XML processing approaches and supported styles (process indefinitely, processUntil an event, processTime for a number of seconds), waiting on events or map them, etc. I don't host the SVN @ Google,

Configdownload - config_download is Perl script allowing downloading configs from various devices us

Introduction to is Perl script allowing downloading configs from various devices using standard protocols. It can run various commands on the devices and log their outputs. Currently ssh, telnet, cisco-telnet, ftp and http methods are supported. The script is written in Perl and depends on few external modules: Net-Telnet-Cisco -> Net::Telnet Net-SSH-Expect -> Expect -> IO::Pty Net-FTP-Recursive HTTP::Lite Before you will run the script please ensure y

Surveyor-srv1-firmware - firmware source code for Surveyor SRV-1 / SVS Blackfin cameras and robots

This site hosts source code to build the latest version of "srv1.ldr" firmware for Surveyor SRV-1 Blackfin camera and robot as well as the SVS stereo vision system. Also hosted here in the blackfin/console/ subdirectory is latest,, and stereo.c (SVS) console source code Forum discussions on Surveyor firmware source code are found here - Links to GNU bfin-elf-gcc compiler toolchain used to build firmware ima

Arduino-t6963c - T6963C Arduino Librarie

Graphic LCD with Toshiba T6963 controllerCopyright (c) Rados?aw Kwiecie?, 2007r : avr-gccModified By -rbrsidedn1- to work on Arduino easily : added by big-maec : Text Attribute, Image View with bmp2c, Play Anim with bmp2c,filled Box, String with Font use GLCD_Env_1.3, Demo Sketch 240x64 (30K Memory needed), ARDUINO MEGA SUPPORT.Tested with Arduino 0022 Arduino Clock Sketch for T6963c librarie09.02.2011 Sketch T6963c_Font_

Fasmme - fasm code writing examples // не�колько примеров на фа�ме has comment typo // опечатка в объ��нении2012/02/25: "0000000|0" -> "0000000|1" is erroneous // �одержит ошибки :(2012/02/22: corrected by // поправлен forced update - calc // обновите calc* :) google ,http://google.comassembler fasm , gcc , hla , masm , nasm , yasm ,ht

Lualb - A lattice Boltzmann simulation with Lua scripting

LuaLB is an open-source parallelizable lattice Boltzmann simulation for computational fluid dynamics with Lua scripting. NewsAugust 19, 2008 - Experimentals: with Lua 5.1.x (compiled with make linux) and HDF5 1.8.x (with configure flag --with-default-api-version=v16) please check out here: svn checkout July 2, 2008 - No binary released now. You need to build from source (see instructions below) System requirementsLinux with or Windows (Cygwi

Aobench - AO bench

(Last update: 20 May, 2012) WebGL version(Need Chrome) AO bench is a small ambient occlusion renderer for benchmarking realworld floating point performance in various languages. AO bench is originally coded in "Proce55ing": AO bench consists just about 400 lines of code and requires only standard math functions, therefore it is easy to understand and port AO bench for your favorite language. Follow me at twitter for updates: Media and publication