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XML Universal Packet Archiver (PKT) is a platform independant universal file archiving system with pluggable options for encryption, encoding, compression, parity/RAID protection and more.



Related Projects

Libdnet - dumb networking library

libdnet provides a simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines, including network address manipulation, kernel arp(4) cache and route(4) table lookup and manipulation, network firewalling (IP filter, ipfw, ipchains, pf, PktFilter, ...), network interface lookup and manipulation, IP tunnelling, raw IP packet and Ethernet frame transmission.

FileConverter Java

Converting typical, geodetical, formats into other formats by using this software. The FileConverter converts only the 2D- or 3D-pointinformation from the sourcefile. It supports files from Leica (GSI), ZEISS (DAT/REC), GEOgraf (PKT), OOO-Calc (CSV), ...

Epapi - Erlang Port API

An Erlang Port API shared library for Linux DocumentationDoxygen documentation is available here. InstallationThis package can be installed through Launchpad. Using the libraryErlang is required The library depends on libei (comes with the default Erlang distribution) Verify other potential dependencies using pkg-config e.g. pkg-config --libs epapi Example using MsgHandler PktHandler *ph = new PktHandler(); MsgHandler *mh = new MsgHandler(ph); //Register a message type // {echo, {Counter}} mh->r

Sendpkt - �时兼容Linux/Win32的Python��数�包扩展库

在Linux下使用libnet��,在Win32下使用Winpcap��。�期支�链路层包的��,以�附带ARP攻击和IP层以下包的解�。 详细介��以�考 SendPkt 。

Pypcap - simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libpcap

simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libpcap - the current version, the legacy version shipping with some of the BSD operating systems, and the WinPcap port for Windows. sample usage: >>> import dpkt, pcap>>> pc = pcap.pcap()>>> pc.setfilter('icmp')>>> for ts, pkt in pc:... print `dpkt.ethernet.Ethernet(pkt)`...Ethernet(src='\\x00\\x03G\\xb2M\\xe4', dst='\\x00\\x03G\\x06h\\x18', data=IP(src='\\\x00\\x01\\x1c', dst='\\\x00\\x01\\x10', sum=39799, len=60, p=1, ttl=128,


Itraxp - is a FTN messages tracker, using Perl library of FTN functions based on the concept found in a popular Itrax program. Itraxp supported Jam, Squish, Msg, Pkt FTN bases.

Dpkt - python packet creation / parsing library

fast, simple packet creation / parsing, with definitions for the basic TCP/IP protocols. >>> from dpkt.ip import IP >>> from dpkt.icmp import ICMP>>> ip = IP(src='\\x01\\x02\\x03\\x04', dst='\\x05\\x06\\x07\\x08', p=1)>>> ip.v4>>> ip.src'\\x01\\x02\\x03\\x04'>>>''>>> >>> icmp = ICMP(type=8, data=ICMP.Echo(id=123, seq=1, data='foobar'))>>> icmpICMP(type=8, data=Echo(id=123, seq=1, data='foobar'))>>> len(icmp)14>>> = icmp>>> ip.len += len(>>> ipIP(src='\\x01\\x02\\x03\\x04'

Libxbee - C library to aid the use of Digi XBee radios in API mode

Feel free to ask questions! Either email, or I'm often in #libxbee on News14 April 2012: A few people have asked for Windows support, so I got to work. I am pleased to announce that the Win32 port effort is nearly complete. Basic functionality has been tested, and currently only the 'xbee1' and 'xbee2' modes are supported. Have a look at the win32 branch. 08 March 2012: All versions of libxbee v3 since v3.0.5 (3c3b0204435e) will use API mode 1. This is a compile time option,

Mawarnet - mawar Internet Cafe

MawarNet Jl. Setia Budi NO. 478 Tj Sari Medan, Fasilitas: Burning CD, Printing, Webcam, Scanning.. ada juga paket malam (pkt 10.000)

Winpcapy - Python porting of winpcap - pcap exported functions using ctypes

Python porting of winpcap - pcap exported functions using ctypes. No automatic install. Copy into your site-packages dir. Some examples are in the examples directory. Get documentation about functions from official winpcap site Python version of winpcap sendpack example:from ctypes import *from winpcapy import *fp=pcap_terrbuf= create_string_buffer(PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE)packet=(c_ubyte * 100)()## Check the validity of the command lineif len(sys.argv) != 2: print ("usage: %s interface" % s