Package Tools

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This project aims to create a set of tools to help distributors to build, port, test, validate and manage software packages. Existing tools are bm (the build manager) and dm (the dependency manager). The tools are written in Python.



Related Projects

XPKGTOOL - A Slackware's pkgtool GUI

A Slackware Linux package manager for X, based on pkgtools. Written in wxGTK.

Slapkg - A package manager for Slackware Linux

Update in progress (2011-02-23)About slapkgslapkg is a next generation package manager for Slackware Linux. It is fast and highly compatible with standard Slackware package management tools. Additionally, it can download, install or upgrade packages from standard Slackware mirrors. NewsJuly 15th, 2008 - We are currently moving stuff to the new home page: I've got tired of google wiki, we also don't use svn or google issue tracker. June 23rd, 2008 - Version 0


A shell based package manager for embedded *nix systems similar FreeBSD pkgtools.

GNOME Slackware Package Manager

gnome-pkgtool is a GTK+/GNOME package manager for Slackware allowing you to install, uninstall and upgrade packages, automatically build packages from source, search through installed packages and more.


QTGZManager is a frontend to the Slackware pkgtools that can compare versions, install, reinstall, upgrade, downgrade and remove packages. It also shows the package contents, information, freezes/unfreezes a specific version as well as download latest official Slackware patches.

KSlacky InfoPkg

KSlacky InfoPkg is a GUI for Slackware pkgtool designed for KDE4. KSlacky InfoPkg provide rapid navigation and information on the packages installed on the system and provide function to easy install/upgrade/remove packages in a user transparent way.

Pkgbuildtools - Tools for helping Arch Linux package creation

A few tools for helping Arch Linux package creation, somewhat inspired by the pkgsrc pkgtools.

Gettool - Gtool is a tool for installing packages in Slackware Linux

Gtool is a tool for searching and instaling packages in Slackware. It allows the use of official and alternative mirrors. Try Gtool, it is easy and efficient.


spkg help you retrieve information about installed slackware package. Not a replacement for pkgtool