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This project is intended as a playground to get more people working on pkgsrc, a packaging system coming from NetBSD but becoming more and more portable (Solaris, Darwin and other BSDs, even IRIX and others). Packagers and testers are welcome!



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Netlinux - Linux distribution based on NetBSD's pkgsrc

The goal is to create a distribution based entirely on NetBSD's pkgsrc. In addition, everything will be documented so that others may attempt this if they desire. It's kind of like LFS, except using pkgsrc. Not yet sure how to go about adding packages that aren't in pkgsrc, or updating them. Currently I'm wondering if it would be better to create additional packages just for netlinux, or if it would be better to send them upstream to pkgsrc. My thoughts are that if this eventually does grow it m

wip - my custom wip area of pkgsrc

my custom wip area of pkgsrc

pkgsrc-wip - Conversion of the pkgsrc-wip CVS project

Conversion of the pkgsrc-wip CVS project


Chef cookbook that checks out pk and Joyents pkgsrc repo as well as initialising the submodules and adding upstream repos back to the various repos - pk under mamash's github account and pkgsrc, pkgsrc-joyent and pkgsrc-wip under the joyent github organisation. pk is Filip's pkgsrc building framework. See for more information.