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a tool for building Solaris SVr4 and/or OpenSolaris IPS packages from RPM-like spec files



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RPM Package Builder

pkgbuild is a graphical development environment for Red Hat's RPM packaging format. It is designed to allow easy building and testing of RPM SPEC files. This is in the hope that more people will build and distribute quality RPMs. If your new to RPM it is

Pygtkhex - Python binding for GtkHex

IntroductionPython binding for GtkHex widget provided by GHex, theGNOME hex editor. ScreenshotsTake a look at this post: InstallationFrom sourcesJust get a copy of the pygtkhex tarball from here. We assume that you have gcc, gtk+ dev files, pygtk dev files and python already installed. Full instructions: $ wget$ tar xvfj PyGtkHex-X.Y.Z.tar.bz2$ cd PyGtkHex-X.Y.Z$ python

Icepac - A thin layer over the ABS for Arch Linux

IcepacIcepac is a thin layer over the ABS used to customize and organize packages for use in an Arch Linux system. Its sole purpose is to find a package in the tree based on a pattern and copy its contents (PKGBUILD, foo.install, etc) into a local directory. The user can then customize and build the package using the preexisting tools available for Arch Linux such as makepkg. Icepac makes use of Lua by both extending it with file system functions and embedding it in order to write the majority o

Archppc-pkgbuild - Dépôt de PKGBUILD (ArchLinux)

Mes propres PKGBUILD pour mon laptop (iBook) sous ArchLinux (ppc).

M4baker - Bakes full featured m4b audiobooks

A simple tool for creating ipod-compatible, full-featured m4b-audiobooks. Based on SoX, faac and mp4v2.Features:make chapter markers add cover picture from various filetypes change and add metadata on the fly conversion batch mode support for many different input file types sort input files by filename or id3-tag (tracknumber) split audiobooks into parts automatically move chapters between audiobooks For the CLI mode please use version 0.1.2 since it was removed in 0.1.90. Distro PackagesFor a u