•        0 is a collection of Python tools that perform pre- and post-processing for the LAMMPS molecular dynamics package (or other simulators). Software wrapped by, so it can be invoked from Python, includes GnuPlot, MatLab, Raster3d, and RasMol



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Ptsa - Python Time Series Analysis

ptsa (pronounced pizza) is a Python module for performing time series analysis. Although it is specifically designed with neural data in mind (EEG, MEG, fMRI, etc...), the code should be applicable to almost any type of time series. At the foundation of ptsa is a subclass of the NumPy ndarray called DimArray, that allows for tracking dimension information as part of a ndarray.

pystache - Mustache in Python

<!-- The Pystache setup script strips 1-line HTML comments prior --><!-- to converting to reST, so all HTML comments should be one line. --><!-- --><!-- We leave the leading brackets empty here. Otherwise, unwanted --><!-- caption text shows up in the reST version converted by pandoc. -->![]( "mustachioed, monocled snake by David Phillips")![]( "Travis CI current build status")[Pystache](

pizza-py-party - Command line program to order pizza from Domino's Pizza

Command line program to order pizza from Domino's Pizza

PyPie - Some Python code dealing with pizza

Some Python code dealing with pizza


simple python (WSGI) framework