Online Property Management System

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Online Property Management System



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Jquery Dump Plugin

jQuery dump plugin, inspects object properties in a popup window. It has plenty of features like sorting properties in alphabetical order, syntax highlight, managed dump depth, mobile development and many more.

epolinereg; PHOENIX

epolinereg; PHOENIX (ePHOENIX) is a document and dossier management system developed to support the process of handling Intellectual Property-related documents.

SharePoint Manager 2013

The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property.

VI Toolkit for .NET

The VI Toolkit for .NET is a .NET library designed to bring object-oriented design to the VI API by transforming managed object references into first class objects, as well as providing helpful method, property, and class abstractions.

Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor

Eclipse plugin for editing Java resource bundles. Lets you manage all localized properties files in one screen. Some features: sorted keys, warning icons on missing keys/values, conversion to/from Unicode, hierarchical view of keys, more...

Property Designer for Visual Studio

Property Designer simplifies the management of complex .NET properties by providing a visual way to describe properties and their associated callbacks, events and other behaviors.

Gwt-bean-reflect - Reflect access of Java Bean properties

The gwt-bean-reflect API provide a very simple tool for using java bean properties by reflection. Usage : 1st Step : Configure your GWT module <inherits name="org.valkyrie.gwt.bean.ValkyrieBean"/> 2nd Step : Prepare your JavaBean Your bean must implements ReflectedBean. public class MyReflectedBean implements ReflectedBean { \tprivate String myProperty; \tpublic String getMyProperty() { \t\treturn myProperty; \t} \tpublic void setMyProperty(String myProperty) { \t\tthis.myProperty = myProperty;


The Dynamic library manager Managing Ebook and derivatives under different Tags & Properties Share Libers under PUBLIC TAGS in the LIBER Community...

Zak-pms - ZaK is a property management system for hotel and bed and breakfast

# ZaK, tourism property management system for hotel and bed and breakfast ZaK, the property management system for Hotel and Bed and BreakfastZaK is an open source property management system for hotel and bed and breakfast. It consists basically on two layers: a python server (based on twisted) servers web pages. The ui is developed with javascript (mainly with jquery). ZaK uses massively html5 features (as sql web database and css). In particular, only chrome (and opera and safari) is supported.