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Pith (quot;Perl-Implemented Test Harnessquot;) is a lightweight, application-independent framework for building and executing functional integration tests. It allows the test code to exist wholly independently from the testing platform.




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Adblock IE

AdblockIE is an ad blocker for Internet Explorer, inspired by Firefox's Adblock and Noscript (as well as Safari's PithHelmet and IE7Pro).

Papyrus - A Python blog engine

PapyrusA blog engine written in Python. Papyrus is a thick paper-like material produced from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus, a wetland sedge that was once abundant in the Nile Delta of Egypt. The word for the material papyrus is also used to designate documents written on sheets of it, often rolled up into scrolls. Screenshot(still under heavy development) Google code project created on 12/05/2009 Currently in design phase Built with: Pylons Mako SQLAlchemy FormAlchemy repoze.who

Simbl - plugin framework for hacking cocoa applications

SIMBL is the SIMple Bundle Loader. It enables various plugins like PithHelmet to run in Cocoa applications such as Safari. BugsIf you think you've hit a bug, check the FAQ. If you're question hasn't been answered there, peruse the Issues List. HistoryYou can follow NewDevelopments for semi-interesting information about SIMBL. There are some enhancements scheduled for the near future. The brave can try and make sense of the change log. PluginsThere are a number of SIMBL plugins to enhance a numbe

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OS X Google Reader ThemeA CSS theme to skin Google Reader to be more like a native OS X app! InstallationDownload the greader.zip file, or if you use Stylish with Firefox/Flock, "install at Userstyles.org":http://userstyles.org/style/show/2318. There are 2 versions, one for Mozilla browsers and one for WebKit & Opera. Firefox & FlockOnce you have the Stylish extension installed, you can do a "One click install into Stylish at Userstyles.org":http://userstyles.org/style/show/2318. If you don'

pith_example - An example of using pith

An example of using pith


a static website generator

pith - stack-based python object serialization to strings

stack-based python object serialization to strings

pith - A 2D top-down adventure game.

A 2D top-down adventure game.

pith - A lightweight project template for structured scalable single-page web apps

A lightweight project template for structured scalable single-page web apps