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compiled RetroShare binaries, and packaged for Raspberry Pi using Debian 7.0 Wheezy ARMHF known Raspbian If you want to compile it yourself, download the source-tarball, it is only ~7MB big, or pull the code repository with SubVersioN. compiling takes up to 2-3 hours. or install the .deb files with dpkg -i quot;retrosharefilenamequot;.deb if necessary make a quot;apt-get update amp;amp; apt-get upgradequot; to update your system for all how to start it in a detached screen session: screen -t retroshare -dmS RetroShare retroshare -display :0 If you run headless, i suggest to use X11VNC to control it remote. or use the nogui binary Files available for download: RetroShare-Gui RetroShare-NoGui RetroShare-Plugins




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