Piranha Mail

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Piranha Mail is a powerful POP3/IMAP/SMTP to Web/WAP gateway.




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Django-history - Model history application for Django

Tools that allow archivation of Django models. Every model's archive is a separate model. Development is moved to Mercurial and is located at http://hg.piranha.org.ua/django-history/

Waves - A Ruby framework for Web applications

Waves is an open source framework for Ruby-based Web-applications. As a metaphor: Waves is the collision of an elegant language with the work of many talented developers that, together, like piranhas, can strip a cow to the bone in under a minute. As Haiku: piranhas cow do / strip cow until only? bones / time? 1.minute end Buzzword variation: Full-featured and thread-safe. Compact and extensible. Configuration and convention. RESTful but also Magical (very important). Gem Soup: Rack and Mongrel

Navisharp - Homebrew Navigation Frontend

Homebrew Navigation Frontend software specially designed for windows ce 6 based navigators..

Red-piranha - More powerful Excel, Google Docs and Spreadsheets using JBoss Rules and Google App Eng

Red PiranhaMore powerful Excel, Google Docs and Spreadsheets using JBoss Rules and Google App EnginePowered by Drools, Red-Piranha allows you to state your Excel business rules in a simple when ... then format that everybody can understand. Instead of having your knowledge 'disappear' into complicated formulas that you can't read, Drools keeps things in a simple 'English' like format. Even better, because of the way it works 'under the covers' it is faster and more powerful than code translated

Red Piranha

Google(™) meets the Matrix. Red Piranha combines Lucene (Searching Ability), XML-RDF (ability to learn), Tomcat (for P2P Power) and Spring (Ease of use) to not only let you find anything, anywhere, but to actually understand what you are looking for.

Piranha CMS

Piranha is the fun, fast and lightweight framework for developing cms-based web applications with an extra bite.

Sigit-ufrn - Sistema Gerenciador de Indústria Têxtil

A indústria Enxutex Têxtil, localizada no município de Jardim de Piranhas-RN, é uma empresa que fabrica panos de prato (também conhecidos como guardanapos de algodão), tapetes e sacaria em geral. Ela utilizava apenas sistemas de informações manuais (lápis e papel) para controlar suas finanças, cadastro de clientes e funcionários e controlar seus estoques e sua produção. Porém a mesma cresceu muito nos últimos anos e hoje utiliza planilhas eletrônicas para o controle dos mesmos, m