Pipe redirector

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Piper is a daemon used to redirect streams. Input and output can be one of: stdin, stdout, fifo, program. It simply does the same as shell's quot;lt;quot;, quot;gt;quot;, quot;|quot; with a difference of: ability to re-open fifos, catch program exits/crashes and restart it.




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Piper-watt - Project attempt to produce as many digits of Pi per Watt.

The Piper Watt project, has the goal of producing as many digits of Pi per Watt. This has no direct advantages to mathematics or science but it has the goal to see how far a difficult calculation can be pushed.

Springdm-in-action - Spring Dynamic Modules in Action source code

This project contains source code examples for the book Spring Dynamic Modules in Action written by Thierry Templier, Andy Piper and Arnaud Cogoluègnes, and published by Manning Publications.


Driver and software for the jazPiper(tm) MP3 player.

Iqmerge - Increasing the identification of peptides in iTRAQ experiments

In iTRAQ experiments both HCD and CID spectra are acquired. But identifications are done only using CID spectra where as quantification is done using HCD spectra. iQmerge attempts to merge HCD and CID spectra in an intelligent way to increase the identification of peptides using search engines. iQmerge project is developed and maintained by Ashoka Polpitiya (ashoka_at_tgen.org, ashoka.pol_at_gmail.com). Significant portions of the work were performed at Translational Genomics Research Institute

Epic-fdr - Estimating Peptide Identification Confidence

epic for Proteomicsepic: Estimating Peptide Identification Confidence can estimate p- and q-values along with False Discovery Rates (FDR) for bottom-up proteomics experiments involving tandem mass spectrometry. This is achieved by transforming the original scores from peptide search engines such as Sequest, X!Tandem, and Spectrum Mill, to a form that separates true and random hits and fitting a mixture of multivariate Gaussian models to them. This work extends the approach by PeptideProphet. Inp

Mathpiper - A mathematics oriented programming language.

Welcome to the MathPiper and MathPiperIDE project! MathPiper is a new mathematics-oriented programming language which is simple enough to be learned as a first programming language and yet powerful enough to be useful in any science, mathematics, or engineering related career. MathPiper is also a Computer Algebra System (CAS) which is similar in function to the CAS which is included in the TI 89 and TI 92 calculators. MathPiperIDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MathPiper prog

Inferno4proteomics - Inferno: A Quantitation tool for Proteomics Experiments

Inferno for ProteomicsInferno can perform various downstream statistical analysis, normalization, data reduction, and hypothesis testing steps on quantitative proteomics data. The graphical interface, written in C#, provides a convenient way to visualize the data during the analysis process. All algorithms are implemented in R and the connectivity between R and .NET is achieved using StatconnDCOM server. Inferno can group experiment runs using "Factors" based on treatment conditions (fixed effec

Piperwar - Кро��платформенна� игра � открытым и�ходным код

PiperWar �то "пло�кий" top-down shooter, � ролевыми �лементами. Дей�тви� PiperWar разворачивают�� на про�торах школьных тетрадей, которые поразила неизве�тна� зараза. Главный герой - забавный человечек, которого зовут Пипер. Он в одноча�ье оказывает�� вт�нутым в оже�точенное противо�то�