Platform Independent Petri Net Editor

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Create, model and analyse Petri nets with a standards-compliant Petri net tool. PIPE2 is the active fork of the Platform Independent Petri net Editor project, which originated at Imperial College London.



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Sphinix is free open-source SQL full-text search engine. How do you implement full-text search for that 10+ million row table, keep up with the load, and stay relevant? Sphinx is good at those kinds of riddles.

V4L2 Virtual Device

V4L2 Virtual Device is a driver providing one or multiple video pipes. It is used to route the output of a user space video source application to typical video “consuming” applications (players, encoders, PVRs) that are compatible with v4l2 devices.


Quickplot is a fast interactive 2D plotter with infinite zooming, value picking, pipe input, and unlimited plots displayed. Quickplot is meant for looking at your data quickly and of secondary importance is making static pictures of your data.

Erl-pipes - An implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang

This project has moved to implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang. In short, they are extensions of the usual Unix pipes that allow building graphs of programs and thus one can implement a full data-flow environment. Code example with current API, counting the number of lines in a file containing "=" and the number of lines that don't contain it: P1 = pipes:pipe(cat, [FileName]), P2 = pipes:pipe(lines), P4 = pipes:pipe(grep, ["="]), P3 = pipes:pipe(cou

Linqinber - Pipe system design software

LinQinBer, is and open source pipe system design software written in python. Its on a very early stage, with version 0.1a To install you will need the following: Python 2.6 wxpython 2.8


A project to compile Yahoo! Pipes into Python (see it hosted on Google App Engine:


A project to compile Yahoo! Pipes into Python (see it hosted on Google App Engine:

Jl7 - jL7 - HL7 library for Java

jL7 is an HL7 library for Java. It provides the following: An HL7 v2 parser (pipes) An implementation of MLLP Some useful helpers to work with HL7 messages A Domain Specific Language based on Groovy to process and convert HL7 messages Please feel free to use this library or contribute to it !

HL7 Analyst

HL7 Analyst allows users to view, edit, and save Version 2.x HL7 messages. You'll never have to count pipe characters in notepad again. Hl7 Analyst is developed in C# 4.0 for the windows platform and is released under the GPL V2 Open Source License.

Php-pipeline - An asynchronous HTTP download class for PHP

Pipeline is an HttpRequestPool wrapper that largely automates one common case: downloading a large number of files and calling a callback with the document content. Example usage: function success($body, $req){ printf("%d bytes rec'd from %s\", strlen($body), $req->getUrl());}function failure($code, $msg, $req){ printf("HTTP %d: %s\", $code, $msg);}$urls = array("", "", "");$pipe = new Pipeline(2);foreach($urls as $url) $pipe->enqueue($url, '