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Pintos a la Kan Zeman

A small x86 OS which is being developed for educational purposes.

Twitto - The Twitter XMPP BOT

TwittoTwitto it's a XMPP protocol BOT that allow user to manage twitter accounts through a simple chat where commands are send to the BOT. Screenshot Accessing Twitto from pidgin xmpp client AuthorTwitto was written by: Renê de Souza Pinto E-mail: Website:

Coopuavs - A simulation framework for coordinated control of Unmanned Air Vehicles

CoopUAVsIn the context of the Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems course, our aim is to create distributed coordinated control system for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) Snapshots Downloads Presentation (PPT) SVN Repository ContactsJosé Pinto - Rui Gonçalves -

P-- - Compilador para uma linguagem semelhante a pascal.

Desenvolvimento de um compilador para a disciplina de Construção de Compiladores I baseada em 3 passos a principio. 1 Analisador Léxico.2 Analisador Sintático.3 Geração de Códigos.Equipe:Alexander Pinto. Daniel Gonçalves. Ivethy. Ricardo.

Sysu-os-team4 - myproject

this is an os project, base on pintos

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