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Just like ping, only pong.




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H34rtb1t - ping-pong-like 3D action game

project "h34rtb1t" is ping-pong-like 3D action game.

Ballreaper - Cal Poly RoboRodentia 2011 robotics competition entry

An autonomous robot system to reap ping pong balls and shoot them into into the opponent's net.


Ping pong in C#. This game is full object oriented.

Libactor - Actor Model Library for C

Aboutlibactor is a library for C that allows a developer to easily program with the Actor Model. Right now it is usable, although it may not be ready for production. It uses pthreads and the library handles all of threading issues, so you don’t have to worry about any of it at all. In a future version I plan to add more sandboxing to the actors, so that when one actor crashes, they don’t all go down! Right now it supports the following: Spawn actor Sending messages Broadcast message Actor me

Epidemy - Epidemy : Viral Clouds of Scala Actors

BEWARE: Epidemy is in its infancy, pretty much everything is yet to be written ! Epidemy distributes Scala programs "virally" accross local networks : any node you plug will automatically be infected by the Epidemy-powered programs running on the cluster. Epidemy is a trivial "plug-and-scale" solution for Scala Remote Actors, but its uses can be wider-scoped (centralized maintenance of heterogeneous machines...). Think of Epidemy as a way of transparently distributing server-applets. It also tri