The Emilia Pinball Project

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The Emilia Pinball Project is a pinball simulator for GNU/Linux and other Unix systems. There is only one level to play with, but it is very addictive.



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PinMAME - Pinball's Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator Written by Steve Ellenoff, WPCmame and the PinMAME Team


Linball (Linux Pinball) is an open source pinball simulation for Linux.Because it is written using C + SDL libraries, it is easily ported to different operating systems. So a Linux and Windows version will be available to download at least.

Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit

The Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit (PMREK) includes source code for a Linux 2.6 kernel module and a user program to control Bally pinball machines manufactured between 1977 and 1985 via memory-mapped I/O.

Visual Pinball

Visual Pinball - Original by Randy Davis. Source released under a MAME-like license (no commercial use) in February 2010.

Flipoid - Pinball location based android and appengine project

A social project based on real games like pinball and fussball

Macadam - Pinball game

Pinball game made in Java. A quick peep:

Freewpc - Open-source OS and development environment for writing custom pinball software

FreeWPC is a software framework for rewriting the software on Bally/Williams pinball machines from the 1990's. It is a self-contained operating system for the Motorola 6809 processor, plus device drivers for the pinball hardware (switches, lamps, solenoids, etc.), plus a set of libraries for implementing all of the common software features, such as game play, high scores, match, etc. All of this is compiled into a ROM and will run on the exact same hardware, with no extra equipment required (oth

Super Happy Fun Pinball

CS-Pinball is a pinball game written for the Crystal Space 3d engine. It is written in C++, targetting both Windows and Linux platforms. It is intended to be an easy to use platform for building new pinball tables and using features of a 3d engine over

Wheatonpinball - Pinball Game in Electro

Pinball Game in Electro by Tim Radavich, Stephen Garrett, and Hudson Stern