The Python Intelligent MP3 Player

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Pimp3 is an intelligent mp3 player that allows the user to rate his or her mp3s, the mp3s that are rated highest are played more often.



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Itunesdj - Pimp iTunes with DJ features

iTunesDJIntroductioniTunesDJ is a tool that allows you to use Apples iTunes as a single deck DJ-Player. By now it is more an idea than really a tool. The project is still in the design phase so there isn't a version you can test yet.

Scalaz - Scalaz: Type Classes and Pure Functional Data Structures for Scala

The source for Scalaz is now hosted on GitHub - Scalaz is a library written in the Scala Programming Language. The intention of Scalaz is to include general functions that are not currently available in the core Scala API. The scalaz-core module depends only on the core Scala API and the core Java 2 Standard Edition API. Scalaz is released under a BSD open source licence making it compatible with the licence of the Scala project. Scalaz 6.0.4 was released in Janua

Uwc3x - Ultimate Warcraft3 expansion

Ultimate Warcraft3 expansion for Counter Strike version 1.6AMXX Plugin: Ultimate Warcraft3 Expansion ( uwc3x )UWC3X is written for AMX Mod XOriginal UWC3 mod by K2mia with portions by Dumb and the community---- This plugin is a new approach to the War3 and War3FT plugins created by SpaceDude and Pimp Daddy. UWC3 provides a raceless, skill/level based system. Much of the internal workings of Warcraft3FT skills and items were kept intact from Pimp Daddy's version, though the overall playe

Pmpbot - Public Media Player for Android

pmpbot (said "PiMP Bot") mobile media feed reader and player that supports RSS and XSPF playlist formats, and the public video and audio content published and enclosed within them. Project Goals provide a foundation for other applications that want to incorporate feeds and media in their applications develop a lightweight parser/approach/framework for common media playlist formats create a variety of user interface views for rendering playlists: list, thumbnail, map, 3D? experiment with geocoded

Nineoe - NiNEoE Is Not Escape-velocity Or Eve-online!

This is my attempt at a realtime, roguelike, multiplayer rpg space exploration, trading and combat game. Mostly inspired by my childhood gaming experiences, my passion for math and electronics, and the hush-hush Eve Online thin client of which I am so jealous. Please don't hate on me for my horrible code or my weird made-up free (as in speech not beer) license. I am likely to wind up ditching the rouguelike idea in the future and patching in the graphics from NAEV to give the game a bit more of


A giter8 template for a pimped sbt with testing deps, plugins configured, sbt 12.3 and scala 2.10.

python-pimp - Web-based self-managed mp3 radio. This project is not maintained.

Web-based self-managed mp3 radio. This project is not maintained.