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NOTE: This is NOT the homepage or project page for pilot-link. The proper homepage is http://www.pilot-link.org. Bugs are reported at http://bugs.pilot-link.org. CVS code is found at http://cvs.pilot-link.org




Related Projects

fgms - multiplayer for flightgear

A network server for the flightgear project. Link together multiple Pilots.


pilot-qof provides a query interface to data on a Palm device, using pilot-link and QOF - the Query Object Framework. pilot-qof supports reading addressbook, datebook, expenses and ToDo data and runs SQL-type queries on the live data or a QSF XML fil

IC35 serial communication tools

ic35link provides communication tools for the Siemens IC35 organizer like pilot-link for the PalmPilot, i.e. synchronize IC35 data with vCard/vCalendar database (like KOrganizer,gnome-pim), backup/restore IC35 database, and access of the IC35 MMCards

Atropos-flight-control - flight-control-for-linux-embedded-multicopters

Atropos is a wifi operated quadrocopter system. It uses a Fonera 2201 with a custom compiled version of GNU/Linux OpenWRT. A set of wii sensors gives the information to the router throughout custom CPU GPIO pins. To achieve I2C communication a especial linux kernel module is used to make an emulated i2c port with every 2 GPIO pins available Atropos is remotely operated by a wifi link, powered by a Fonera router. The user can pilot the aircraft with a HTML5 and canvas web interface, making AJAX r

Orrick MP3 Player

The Orrick MP3 project consists of a pair of applications that can be used to build a low-cost MP3 player for the home or car. A perl server script runs on the server PC, and a PalmOS interface application runs on a linked Pilot or Visor.

Oldmapsonline - Old Maps Online - Publishing, Georeference, Rectification, Metadata, Search, GIR, Ra

Old Maps OnlineRepository for new software tools and patches of existing open-source tools, which are usable for libraries, archives, museums as well as individuals, who are publishing scanned old maps and other historical documents. Development is supported by a R&D grant DC08P02OUK006 - Old Maps Online (www.oldmapsonline.org) from Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Project objectives:Development of a technology and a pilot system to allow memory institutions to reliably georeference an

Cciu-open-course-labs - A web application for classes and labs in universities to use cloud-computin

CCI:U stands for "Cloud-Computing Initiative for Universities". This project has been started by NexR, a cloud-computing company (http://nexr.co.kr), as a member of Consortium of Cloud Computing Research of Korea. The objective of this project is to build a developer community including students and professors who study distributed systems and algorithms as well as corporation members who want to test a large-scale computing infrastructure. A similar approach has been done already by Google and

Iomorph - data transformation engine between systems and standards

ioMorphWhat is ioMorph?ioMorph is a light weight data transformation engine. The ioMorph Toolkit consists of; example clients for using an ioMorph transformation e.g. Php, jsp scripts) detailed commented mappings xslt data transformations a web service for consistent xml transformation and mapping easy to install war file access to a manged hosted web service for those who don't want to deploy the web service themselves project documentation how to use the web service guide io... Not Jupiters mo

Rather-be-flying - General Aviation Theme

A general aviation theme with links to [www.aopa.org AOPA] and [www.eaa.org EAA].

Plumber - it fixes syncs!

Based on a discussion with David Desrosiers of pilot-link fame about the problems associated with existing sync solutions. Plumber aims to provide a peer-to-peer synchronization service. Currently, implementation is focused around the Apple iPhone, but as it matures the project should support sync between multiple computers. Support for particular portable devices running Windows Mobile or some variant of Linux should not be difficult.