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General purpose database program for PalmOS.




Related Projects

Codewand-facade - An add-on for generating dynamic queries in db4o using java annotation.

It would cool to query db4o safely like this. Define Query by annotating boolean methods @query (name=�findPilots�) public boolean findAllPilots(@target Pilot p){ return true; } Query database like this ObjectSet<pilot> p = Facade.query("findPilots"); This project aims to provide dynamic query generation for db4o and a lot of other features.

Java Pilot-DB

Java Pilot-DB is a java libary for reading/manipulating Pilot-DB PDB database files. Pilot-DB (also on SF) is a freeware/opensource database for the Palm Pilot (PalmOS). JPilotDB consists of a java library, a GUI for editing the PIlot-DB files, and oth

Cernvm-copilot-monitor - Monitoring component for CernVM&#39;s Co-Pilot

This is a Google Summer of Code 2011 project. Read more about it on: http://cernvm.cern.ch/portal/ https://teambox.cern.ch/public/gsoc-co-pilot-monitoring http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/google/gsoc2011/cernvm

Cassiniworkflow - Wireless Java EE/ME application to create work flows

Rapidly create a work flow application using Java ME and Java EE framework. The framework is based on GWT and Berkeley Java DB. You don't need any coding, simply create workflows and publish them to your users, employees, friends ect... This framework enables you to develop any types of workflow or sequences of events. A workflow can then be published to our Java ME application. This application will follow the workflow steps and interact with users inputs and feedback. Steps to create a workflo

Play-framework-objectify - Play Framework Module - Objectify

Play Framework Module for Objectify on Google App Engine/JThe Play Framework is an application framework which makes web development in Java easy and rapid. Objectify is a flexible abstraction on Google App Engine/J which makes data access simple and elegant. Together the Play Framework and Objectify provide a powerful technology stack for building fast and scalable applications on Google's infrastructure. This Play Framework Module makes it possible for these two technologies to work together c

Iomorph - data transformation engine between systems and standards

ioMorphWhat is ioMorph?ioMorph is a light weight data transformation engine. The ioMorph Toolkit consists of; example clients for using an ioMorph transformation e.g. Php, jsp scripts) detailed commented mappings xslt data transformations a web service for consistent xml transformation and mapping easy to install war file access to a manged hosted web service for those who don't want to deploy the web service themselves project documentation how to use the web service guide io... Not Jupiters mo

Xmegapilot - XmegaDuino based Autopilot wIMU using 32Mhz atXmega processor

XmegaPilot is an open-source software and hardware autopilot for use in small radio control type aircraft and quadcopter by amateur uav enthusiasts, students and researchers. Xmegapilot provide a natural performance upgrade platform for arduino software programmers familiar with the general Atmel 8-bit architecture. The atXemga processor is clocked at 32Mhz and possesses an advanced peripheral architecture with DMA and Event systems. It provides more than twice the performance of standard atmega

opencart-innodb - Pilot project to introduce InnoDB scheme in OpenCart.

Pilot project to introduce InnoDB scheme in OpenCart.


A pilot project using Doctrine\\ODM\\MongoDB with Symfony 2


Symfony2 Bundle able to retrieve information about media content such as movies, albums, tv shows via the REST API's of some popular services like LastFM, LyrDB, IMDB, TMDB, MoviePilot