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Pillar is an easy to use MediaWiki bot framework, which uses the MediaWiki API to allow construction of a bot to be made much easier.




Related Projects

Easysync - A collection of Java classes for various types of divination

This project is to build a collection of Java classes for various types of divination. In progress: Yi-Jing (I Ching) In planning: Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗數) Four Pillars of Destiny (�平八字) Tarot

Swordquest - Engine and Concept

Everyone Loves Experimental Game Think of a patchwork quilt, a patch being added by teams here and there. Think of a base platform with a pillar in the center, the platform being the engine and the support being the interface. Think of this patchwork quilt being built around it, to make a proper tent. Sword quest is going to be the developer equivalent of the world fair, a project which incorporates new ideas, encourages new ideas, and beckons to those with a creative spirit. It is a program whi

Pillars-game - Pillar Card Game

Dark Juju Game Pillars, Client and Server Code for App Engine

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Pillar Block

Pillar Block template is an emulation of a Pillar Block app with placeholders for category Display (Local News, Local Events etc.), and details.

Pillars - OPF/ORM Framework for Delphi 2010+

Delphi pillars is a new OPF/ORM framework for Delphi that uses new features of Delphi 2010 to persist objects.

4pillars - a igoogle project for me

Not much to say... just for igoogle theme...

Pillarscms - Content Management System

About PillarsCMSPillarsCMS is an application and content management system designed in the Fusebox framework. PillarsCMS has been designed to work with the open source Coldfusion application server Railo and the popular database server MySQL.

Plannigt - Proyecto para planificación de proyectos individuales

IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE UN SISTEMA WEB PARA LA PLANIFICACIÓN DE PROYECTOS INDIVIDUALES RESUMEN: El uso de las TIC, representan un alto impacto en la optimización de recursos, tanto en la planificación y en la ejecución de tareas. Con el desarrollo de un sistema WEB para la planificación de proyectos individuales, se pretende brindar una herramienta útil e intuitiva, con la cual los usuarios podrán llevar una correcta administración de sus proyectos. El sistema tendrá como pilares de desarrol

Java-intelligent-tutor - Intelligent Tutor for Java

Web-based Semi-Automatic Authoring of Intelligent Java TutorSummaryThe current tutoring systems for the Java API lack breadth in offered examples and effective feedback. This project is aimed at developing an Intelligent Java Tutor that will semi-automate the process of creating tutorials and thereby help students to learn from example code snippets. The effectiveness of the system will be evaluated by conducting laboratory user studies on teachers and students. Research shows that it is hard to


Personal Information Guardian is a tool for Canadian not-for-profits concerned about the privacy of the personal information they have collected under PIPEDA