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Why not use existing internet files (and their bandwidth) to piece together a specific file for distribution? PiggyBack is framework designed to aid in such tasks, allowing the harvesting and processing of large data sets.




Related Projects

Piggyback Data Transfer Protocol

Piggyback Data Transfer Protocol (pdtp) is a protocol for transferring files over a terminal session. Initially the session works like a normal terminal. File transferring quot;modequot; is activated by running a client on the remote server.

Django-jqchat - A django chat client using jQuery

Django-jqchat is a chat client for Django. Try out the demo. FeaturesUses the jQuery library (so for example fits in nicely with a Pinax project). Extensible (see below). Extensible: what do you mean?I had a specific requirement to add a chat client to a page, where the chat window was not the only data that was to be updated by Ajax calls. The solution was to write a basic chat client that allows extra data to be piggybacked on the Ajax payloads; for an example, see this demo where a descriptio

Wekinator - A framework for real-time, interactive machine learning using Weka, Java, ChucK, and OSC

Welcome!Wekinator is a system for enabling real-time interaction with machine learning. It piggybacks on the Weka machine learning library and uses a hodgepodge of tools written in Java, ChucK, and Processing, glued together via Open Sound Control. The initial intent is for use in music performance and composition, though Wekinator can be used in many other realtime domains, such as gaming and interactive video. This project is a product of academic research and therefore guaranteed to be a bit

Socialfs - An object-relational file system for the open web...

SocialFS seeks to act as an open repository for your digital life, as well as a helpful bridge between the various services where that life currently resides. Of course, it's so much more. The beginnings of the vision is sketched out here. Data portability is the ultimate goal: a Rosetta Stone for the web. The intermediate goals are all small pieces, loosely joined... For people with data all over the place too many computers? running different operating systems? one home folder want one place t

Another-sbaz-gui - An alternative GUI for sbaz (Scala Bazaar System)

New! Upgrading from 2.9.1-RC4 to 2.9.1-final Installing multiple Scala releases This is another GUI for the Scala Bazaar System, an alternative for sbazgui. It works by piggybacking sbaz, and intercepting console I/O to interact with it. The program has been tested under Windows-XP and Linux (Ubuntu-10.10). For sbaz purposes, the program is named asg (abbreviation of "another sbaz gui"). The Windows version only can currently be downloaded and installed by sbaz as follows: sbaz update sbaz insta

Weehttp - A very smal web server

weehttp is a small HTTP server that can use external networking connections. It's goals are to be very lightweight, simple, secure, and unobtrusive. It has the ability to be piggybacked onto an existing networking system and allow for embedded HTTP in other network applications, such as games.

Intrace - Traceroute-like application piggybacking on existing TCP connections

InTrace is a traceroute-like application that enables users to enumerate IP (both IPv4 and IPv6) hops exploiting existing TCP connections, both initiated from local network (local system) or from remote hosts. It could be useful for network reconnaissance and firewall bypassing. See more here. Current version: 1.5 (Changelog)

Sneakernet - A network architecture and reference software implementation for free, low-cost Interne

A cheap and secure last-mile Internet connectivity technology that provides basic email and web site access to any person anywhere, regardless of telecommunications infrastructure. The 'sneakernet' is a digital communication network made up of portable storage devices such as USB thumb drives and camera memory cards, driven by software running on hand-held computing devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, portable game devices, digital cameras, and portable computers. The sneakernet can piggy-back

As3-bulk-preloader - A preloader for large AS3 applications

The text is taken from my blog where the preloader class was originally published. Large, sophisticated applications need to be preloaded as much as asset heavy animations and games. However, large applications must manage a large number of assets and need to be built cleverly, so that changing one aspect of the application does not require that other aspects have to be rebuilt. Most of the preloaders that I have seen on the web are for small applications, in which one tiny swf is used to trigge