Piggy Gallery Generator

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Application for building web photo albums. Features: FTP Browser, Exif viewer, Thumbnail and Image processing, HTML generation, CSS styles, slideshow (Javascript or JavaFX). Just build your gallery and upload. You won't need Ruby on the server.




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Piggymail - PiggyMail is a browser-based webmail system written in Python.

PiggyMail is a browser-based webmail system written in Python. It has built-in pure Python support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols. PiggyMail supports multiple virtual domains and virtual users. It has all the functionality that you may want from an email client, such as MIME support, address books, folder manipulation, etc. PiggyMail has friendly user experience and synchronous operation with AJAX, and is very easy to install and configure.

Personal-finance-manager - Do you want to know where do you spend your money? View and manage person

Software for personal finance management, keeping records for your payed bills, piggy-bank account money and more. You can keep records about your income or/and outcome money, so afterwards you can view where do you spend your money. Everyone want to know where they spend their money.

WP7 Game : PiggyBank

这是一个个人的Windowsphone7游戏的开源项目。 This is a personalopen source project for Windowsphone7 game . In MarketPlace url:http://www.windowsphone.com/en-AU/apps/a53d256f-3bc7-4618-86b0-778496b8e976


Why not use existing internet files (and their bandwidth) to piece together a specific file for distribution? PiggyBack is framework designed to aid in such tasks, allowing the harvesting and processing of large data sets.

Petty-piggy - a pet in your android phone

to raise your own pet in your android phone

Hyper-piggy - this is super hyper

HYPER HYPER why are u reading this?? ur not suppose to read this. get out of here,, this is non of ur business. GET OUT> and don't visit this site again.

Django-genericadmin - Support for generic relations in Django's admin interface

Django's admin doesn't make it easy to work with generic relationships. This project makes it so that generic relationship in the admin work very similarly to how a ForeignKey field does. Some images may help to understand more clearly how this looks. I also have a version of this code that doesn't require jQuery and simply piggy backs off the javascript that comes with a standard Django installation, but the code is a bit dusty. I've added it into branches and will be updating it when I've got