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A pidgin plugin that allows user to assign global hotkeys (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+g) for togglling buddy list and reading queued message. When quot;Toggle Listquot; hotkey is enabled, it makes the buddy list hidden from your taskbar and task switcher (similar to ICQ).



Related Projects

Quickpurple - QuickPurple is a Pidgin plugin that helps searching buddies.

This plugin is intended for those of you who has >100 buddies in your buddy list. It provides quick buddy lookup, status switch, unread messages list and access to some Pidgin dialogs. In some sense it is similar to Miranda's QuickSearchMod plugin. It looks like: Installing QuickPurpleGet sources: svn checkout quickpurple-read-only Ensure dependencies. You need Pidgin and Gtk Hotkey installed. Build QuickPurple: make Install it (as root): make install