Pidgin Games

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A collection of plug-ins for the popular IM client Pidgin that allow for playing games over Jabber/XMPP.



Related Projects


Gfire is a plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to connect to the Xfire network. This plugin features your friend's list, full games list, viewing Xfire profiles and join friend's server.

Fortune-status-for-pidgin - A simple Perl Pidgin plugin to set the classic fortune game output as st

A simple Perl Pidgin plugin to set the classic fortune game output as status message.

Darkguy-apps - DARKGuy's scripts, projects and tools

Lots of assorted scripts, plugins, projects, tools and such for different apps and games, such as... Gyazo: Gyazo-like script for Linux using DropBox DeadBeef: DeadBeef 0.0.4 Pidgin status message bash script will set your pidgin status message according to the song being played in DeadBeef! Pidgin for QuodLibet: this plugin will set your Pidgin status message according to the current playing song. Enjoy!

Pidgin-wordfeud - Wordfeud plugin for Pidgin

A wordfeud plugin for Pidgin. Attempts to bring through chat messages and friends lists from the popular online word-game, Wordfeud

Pidgin-cyanchat - CyanChat chat room plugin for Pidgin

CyanChat is a chat room for fans of the Myst games produced by Cyan Worlds. CyanChat homepage: This plugin aims to implement a chat interface for the chat room, fully supporting Protocol version 1, using libPurple.

Metis-rs-install - A Windows installer for the Metis project

Metis Installer for WindowsThis is an installer for Metis, the Open Source RuneScape client. The installer will install a pre-compiled copy of Metis in the location you specify. An uninstaller is created during the installation process. The options to create Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts are given during setup. The install script was written by Danny Hand (handman003) for the open source community. It was largely based on Pidgin's NSIS script, which can be found within Pidgin's source code. M

Absolute-linux - Lightweight Linux distribution based on Slackware.

Lightweight distro, SMP-enabled kernel but CPU-compatible down to to a Pentium II. Suggested min. configuration is a PII-400 with 128mb. This is Slackware with general desktop use in mind. Many utilities are included for easy setup and maintenance, but all the old Slackware ways still apply... stable, low-overhead, secure. All system configuration MUST be done as root. This is for security and to enable low maintenance in a school or business setting. All-at-once installer puts all libraries and