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This is a picture viewer application that is programmed in C#.NET based on .NET 4.0 or higher.



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Farplug-alvls - Far Manager plugins

И�ходники плагинов дл� Far Manager / Source code plugins for the Far Manager VisRen - Visual renaming files for Far Manager HotDir - Advanced folder shortcuts for Far Manager AdvCmp - Advanced file compare 2 for Far Manager dir.fmt - Plugin for MultiArc SelJmp2 - Selection jump 2 for Far Manager MacroDecrypt PicViewAdv - PicView advanced for Far Manager

Shoujipic - automatic rss jpg downloader and resizer for USB transfer to shouji & picview purpos

I downloaded a rar zip of 1k decent mm pictures from here then I tried imagemagick to resize them to 50%, and USB transfer to view on shouji, which has terrific results (without fearing gprs cost) so I try to make it automatic (downloading jpg from rss, and resize to 480x360 or 320x240 jpg, which works on any shouji) I'm starting with linux and hnol (�声在线) pic rss will add windows solutions and webapp browser/cloud

Far-plugins - Плагины дл� Far Manager

Плагины дл� Far Manager PlugMenu — Ра�ширенное меню плагинов PanelTabs — Панели � закладками FarHints — различные �вой�тва файла во в�плывающей под�казке EdtFind — Пои�к и замена в тек�товом редакторе FAR MoreHistory — И�тори� папок и плагинов Visual Compare — Визуальное �равнение файлов и каталогов Unicod

picviewer - IOS Application. (Picasa Client)

IOS Application. (Picasa Client)