Advanced Renaming of pictures

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With this software, you can easily and quickly rename photos without typing all the words. It can also numbers the pictures (if you want to do it), changes the order, deletes some images ans shows some exif iformations. It is in french and english.



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Automatized-image-renamer - Automatized Image Renamer. Rename your picture files easy. (Win version)

If after you've moved your pictures from your digital camera to your computer, all files have a sticky name, and you can't remember witch pict is every file this is your application. You can rename the filename with the info inside the picture, like pict date and time. Once renamed the picture's filenames you can identify better every pict when you are surfing thru a file explorer or from your home DVD. Enjoy it! it's free!! Supports English, Español and Català. Do you want it in other languag


A small console application that renames the files in a folder for use with a PowerShot S5 IS camera memory card.