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A Image Organizer developed using Swing including features such as full-screen, thumbnail view for jpg and supporting formats. This software also has functions which handles image file organization.




Related Projects

Sony Vaio R-Engine MPEG2 Linux Driver

The goal of this project is to develop a v4l driver for the Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder (aka Fujitsu's MB86393). The Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder is found in the more recent Sony Vaio Picturebooks (model PCG-C1M* and newer).

Picturebook-olpc - Work on Dan Wexler's PictureBook application for the OLPC program

One Click Away This is a code and source repository for the OLPC PictureBook application. Our group is responsible for file size and packaging considerations as well as creating a child friendly paint tool, exporting finished picture books to HTML format and printing said picture books. Also, the group is responsible for creating a centralized Wiki for all project groups.

Ucla-picturebook - A picture book-writing application designed in Squeak and targeted to OLPC.

This is an application created in the Squeak environment and tailored for use by elementary school-age children on the machines provided by the One Laptop Per Child Project. It is currently being developed by computer science students at UCLA for Dan Wexler of the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies.

Meedeo - A speaking picture book

English Quickstart This program displays images and plays music files in parallel. You can use it to compose picture books display images to songs create a learn program with e.g. animal pictures and their pronunciation ... It opens in fullscreen and to switch between pictures/songs you just need to left click a mouse button. The idea of the program is based on Fotokuckiphon. A program with the same functionality written in TCL/TK which was a little complicated to install. I thought that Adobe A


PictureBooks is a eBooks for children.

picture-this - PictureThis: A MadLibs Picturebook Gone Social

PictureThis: A MadLibs Picturebook Gone Social

Picture-Book - A RoR screenscraping experiment

A RoR screenscraping experiment

picture-book - A chrome extension to grab linked pictures from a web page

A chrome extension to grab linked pictures from a web page