Java Picture Applet

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This project aims to create a Java applet able to display pictures and slideshows of pictures in your favorite web browser. As opposed to server-side solutions, applets can be viewed offline, can be burnt on CD and are generally more flexible than script-



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File Upload Applet

Java Multiple File Upload Applet (JUpload) takes care of the limitation posed by traditional HTML upload forms by allowing you to upload a whole directory and the files within it with a single click. Optionally, it allows simple picture management.


gimon is an ISDN monitor for Linux running as a Gnome applet. It displays a traffic light or any other picture corresponding to the status of each available ISDN line. It can also show a list of used lines as imon does when clicking on the applet. gimon m

Picturepiler - Java applet / application that grabs pictures from a Web album, currently only Picasa

Java applet / application that grabs pictures from a Web album, currently only Picasa is supported, and displays them in an interactive picture pile similar to what Picasa outputs. My inspiration is PiPiView: The main difference is that the thumbnails and other pictures are pulled from a web album and don't have to be stored on the same host as the .swf file.

A-foto - A-foto is a SuperKaramba (KDE) desktop widget that shows miniatures of your favorite pictur

A-foto is a desktop applet (widget) for Superkaramba that shows slide-shows of framed miniatures of your favorite pictures on your desktop. Drag files, folders, WebCam or internet image URLs directly into the A-foto window. Choose one of 15+ beautiful frame styles. Control picture size and slideshow frequency. See A-foto in your language. (English, Spanish and Russian) Contribute your own frame styles. Continue to the Welcome Guide or visit the Download section of the project.

Java Applet Picture Viewer using AWT

The Java Applet AWT Picture Browser allows anyone to set up and maintain an online gallery of images using no server scripting, and no JavaScript. The JPEG images are transferred to the server as folders of *.jpg files.

Eid-javascript-lib - Javascript library to be used with the eID middleware applet.

Javascript library to be used with the eID middleware applet. The library is supposed to work on Windows in Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, in Mozilla Firefox 2 and higher, in Opera 9 and higher and Google Chrome. Also tested in Mozilla Firefox 3 on Linux. Other browsers and other platforms were not tested. This project is not started by or has any connection with FedICT, Zetes, CSC or any organisation or company involved with the eID project. I do not work for or have any connection with thes

W2a - Web2Album, a javascript driven picture showcase system. Preloading and smart navigation, flash

The application is an alternative for plugin-based album viewers, scrollers and applets (like SimpleViewer or the flash viewer used on for example). It is lightweight and fast, does not require complex preparation of XML files and such, can change galleries without reloading the page.Being client based (JS / CSS) does not stop it to provide the same intelligent algorithms like precaching pictures and making the show pause-less afterwards.There is also a custom area implementation allow

Mgblog - A simple single user blog

Simple blog software with some extras: WYSIWYG text editor static pages category listing comments (with Akismet & Captcha verification) blogroll aka links integrated gallery mass picture upload applet (supports zip archive upload) easy administration themeable (simple Wordpress theme conversion) Requires php 5 and MySQL.

Wbmodule - Whiteboard is a fully-featured and -integrated courseware system, targeted toward college

This is new module for moodle( It is compilation of java applet and php server-side manager.This module provides posibility of drawing image in applet by users conneted to online school. For example, 10 users can draw 1 shared for all picture, everybody changes this image, and everybody can see this changes.

Instapol - Instapol is an easy to setup and use Audience Response System using COTS (Commercial, Off

Instapol is an easy to use response system using widely available "off-the-shelf" devices and browser-based software. It is made up of 3 different parts: Presenter (optional), used to display the question and response choices through an overhead projector. Control Center, used to create and control polling, and Response Card, used by the audience to respond to a poll. Each product is described in detail below: PresenterPresenter is a simple "display" application that you can use to show the ques