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PICS: Programmable Ingenious Card-game Systems. This Python program will let you program and play card games against computers, other humans, and possibly people across the internet.



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Wallpaperutils - Some Python script useful

Some script: Download pic of deskcity Download pic of nasa today Download pic of nationphoto

Pypic - Pure Python programmer software for the PIC 12F675 microcontroller

A simple PIC microcontroller programmer for the PIC 12F675 microcontroller. It uses the MyHDL Python hardware simulator to provide timing and control logic. MyHDL

Piclens-creator - CoolIris PicLens slideshow generator

Generates CoolIris slideshows. Similar to PicLens Publisher.

Pytbl - Python interface for the Tiny Pic Bootloader

Python interface for the Tiny Pic BootloaderThe is an application developed in Python, used to upload HEX files to a PIC microcontroller using the Tiny Pic Bootloader firmware. DescriptionThis software allows you to upload Intel.hex files to PIC microcontrolers programmed with the Tiny Pic BootLoader . It is written in Python, and uses the Python-Serial module. The program can be used as a console application, or if you have installed the wxPython module, you can use a wxWidgets GUI. Th

Orderpics - Tiny Tool to process sorting of pictures

Short IntroCurrently just a python script which copies picture and movie files from current directory to folders which are named respectively to the date of the files. Mainly I use this small script to order my digicam pictures before copying it to my Picasa folders. Way better than all of the Import process of Picasa :) Imagine having files like: PIC1.JPG - 2008/02/09 PIC2.JPG - 2008/02/09 PIC3.JPG - 2008/02/10 PIC4.JPG - 2008/02/11 PIC5.JPG - 2008/02/12 Starting the script will copy the files

Restscada - A simple Twisted Based Scada System, initialy targeted as Desktop App and now moving to

It started as a I+D project where we built a Microchip PIC network protocol based RS485, called PicNet. PicNet defines a RCU (slave) that controls something. Each RCU is connected to a Concentrator (CO), that acts as a bridge between RS485 and TCP/IP. This project contains the Python code, but we hope to host the ASM/C code as well. Video del proyecto anterior

Stupid-gadgets - Code Repo for Stupid Gadgets Project

Stupid Gadgets for PC - Assorted electronics for interfacing between components and the pc via PIC and Python serial communication

Smugmug-for-django - Quick, lightweight solution for adding a SmugMug to a Django site

A simple Django application and custom template tags for adding pics from your SmugMug account to your Django-based site.

Pyorg - Photo organization and uploading with Python

The program does two things: renames and organizes downloaded photos uploads photos based their on Windows Vista tags An example workflow: download pics from camera to /pics/dump/ autorun pyorg to rename/organize to /pics/date/date-time-picphotoidnumber-camera.(JPG, CR2, or AVI) tag with Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Explorer (Vista needed) Edit in photoshop. (save edited files to /pics/date/edited) add "to publish" and album/set tags run pyorg to upload to flickr (photos will be tagged in fl