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To implement an ad hoc multihop routing protocol for IP on Linux which will allow a dynamic network of mobile devices to be self-organizing and self-configuring.




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Rifl - PC-to-Mobile Bluetooth RFCOMM connectivity with sensor data transmission.

Originally an Engineering Design II project from Florida Atlantic University (http://www.fau.edu/) the Relative Indoor Firefighter Locator was meant to establish a Bluetooth piconet where sensor information can be used to track the user's location (first responder) through the use of a mobile device. Ideally, this system would be self-sustained without relying on outside networks and work fairly well indoors. As of the end the of Spring 2010 semester our EDII team managed to implement a Bluetoot

Cs4031-bluetooth - Extending communication over multiple bluetooth piconets.

A college project for two students of CS4031, Mobile Communications, School of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin

Bluetooth-radio - Bluetooth Radio for mobile devices

1. OutlineThe project aims to stream audio for a set of users who have made a wireless personal area network (WPAN) via Bluetooth. In another words, the primary objective is to deliver audio to multiple users through out one device at a time, like a Bluetooth radio. The best real-world application is the critical situation that Iranian people are facing right now. 2. Development EnvironmentA recommended development environment is The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). 3. Background Resear


Simulate network on a Linux system


Implementa uma rede formada por dispositivos com android utilizando a interface bluetooth. Cada dispositivo da rede estabelece uma conexão com o outro. As mensagens são enviadas como se fosse em broadcast.