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picnic allows you to build a low cost hardware that implements TCP/IP protocol stack in a PIC microcontroller interfacing it with ethernet networks. picnic can control several devices via web or other interfaces.




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Picnicphp - Picnic PHP Framework

Picnic is a PHP MVC Framework. For more information see the Picnic Project Site.

Picnicplugins - Plugins for The Picnic PHP Framework

This project contains plugins for The Picnic PHP Framework.

Camping-picnic - Camping fo wusses

Picnic makes it easy(ier) to distribute and run Camping-based applications as well-behaved stand-alone Linux servers (but works on Windows too!). The idea is that one ought to be able to install a Camping app as a gem, and run it as a Linux service (almost) right out of the box. To this end, Picnic provides a supporting framework that includes the following: YAML configuration: When your application is first launched, it automatically creates a default configuration in /etc/<your app>. As a Camp

Tweezer - the best secret eating spot for man woman and domesticated animal in the known universe

themesinspiring locations happy foods, wonderful picnics, where the cutest dogs hang out, the most awesome places that you don't want anyone to know about goalsenable maximizers to enjoy everything even better. allow sad people to figure out what makes them sad so that they can avoid it, or to seek it out if they enjoy that kind of thing. implementationruby on rails secret sauce

Ruby-taskr - The RESTful Scheduler

Taskr is a stand-alone HTTP daemon, providing a cron-like networked scheduling service. Tasks can be created and managed problematically via REST calls over HTTP allowing other REST-aware services to schedule and manage jobs, or manually via a nice web interface. One common use for Taskr is to schedule jobs to be executed on remote Rails servers. However, Taskr is a far more generic tool, capable of performing a wide range of scheduled actions. Taskr jobs can be as simple as single-line shell co

Openclique - A web application that lets users create events while maintaining a fair degree of priv

openclique lets its users create and manage social events (an exhibition, a picnic, a movie...) while maintaining a fair degree of privacy online. Realistically, it's an excuse for toying with the Django framework.

Tourism - online tourism - - a portal for all your travel needs

a user can register, then visit gallery and search places according to picnic places, hillabove places,etc then see and compare the available rooms(single or double) for specified days. then any time he can use the gfid and view his page, whenever he needs he can delelet the already booked date.

Cleantogether - community effort for cleaning the world

Mission statementTo create, as a community, a web site that will let people report their contribution into the worldwide effort of cleaning up the environment. Motivation for the projecthttp://cleantogether.com : This web site lets people post their environmental cleanup experiences. Whether you go to a beach, to a picnic, or on a hiking trip, think about how to bring some trash back home from the outdoors -- not only "what you bring to nature, take back home" kind of things, but think about the

picnic - Picnic Planner

Picnic Planner

Utopia-fazenda - Utopia Fazenda - Our Manifesto

At the time when the world is stepping into a post-industrialization era, people again get lost in front of their future. People's desire could never be full filled, The huge improvement of our physical life bring by the industrial world doesn't seem to provide that much happiness to our daily life. Metropolis, which was celebrated by the world 100 years ago as the triumph of industrialization, has now been questioned in a variety of ways. people are trapped and lost in the city, suffering, even