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PrivateICE is a kernel level debugger similar to SoftICE on Windows. Planned is also a GUI interface for normal debugging in a multitasking environment, as opposed to SoftICE which always halts the entire machine when active.




Related Projects


Goal of the projects is, to create an api and an application, which should be able to detect / find the file-extensions from the file-headers. We can take pices of code from other projects like gimp or mplayer which have such routines allrady integrated.

Winamp Image Effect Plugin

Winamp Image effect input plugin. It uses the direct show to open the video file and while playing the video file it can apply different image effects to video on real time. This pice of code i was developed in way back to 2003. so i used VC6 along with DirectX SDK.

Gaelucene - Run Lucene Application On Google AppEngine

OverviewGAELucene is a lucene component that can help you to run search applications on Google AppEngine. Developer's GuideThe main clazz of GAELucene include: GAEDirectory - a read only Directory based on google datastore. GAEFile - stands for an index file, the file's byte content will be splited into multi GAEFileContent. GAEFileContent - stands for a segment of index file. GAECategory - the identifier of different indices. GAEIndexInput - a memory-resident IndexInput implementation like the

java.old - Code pices of myself

Code pices of myself