Perl Installation amp; Configuration Agent

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A tool to centrally manage different servers.



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Conversion Tools For Libraries

A variety of tools to convert different metadata formats used in library environments. ONIX, PICA, MAB, MABXML, MARC, MARCXML, PICA+, OAI DC, ....

XVIGAS anaacute;lisis de vigas

Xvigas realiza anaacute;lisis de las vigas tiacute;picas de ejercicios y problemas. Es simple, primero defines el tipo de viga y sus caracteriacute;sticas, luego introduces las cargas y finalmente obtienes los resultados: reacciones, fuerzas internas y deformacione

Tmfshogi - An implementation of the Japanese boardgame Shogi for Android.

At the moment I am working on the board. It is possible to zoom. I think this is a important feature for the smartphones with smaller display size. Here is the Picas-Link to Screenshots:

Picavue - Display Picasa Web Albums on Your Website

PicaVue is a simple gallery application which allows you to display your Public Picasa Web Albums on your own website. When finished, it will include the following features: Albums Index, displaying a thumbnail for each available album. Album Gallery, displaying a thumbnail for each photo in an album. Large versions of each photo can be viewed from here. Album Slide Show, displaying a slide show of the photos in an album. PicaVue is built upon Google Web Toolkit which means that ultimately it wi

Open-care - Gerenciamento de entidades de educação e acompanhamento de adolescentes em situação

Módulos de:- Contabilidade básica para entidades filantrópicas- Gerenciamento de cursos e oficinas para a comunidade- Acompanhamento de adolescentes em cumprimento de medidas sócio-educativas

Trainingspringrooandgwt - Proyecto de ejemplo para el training en Spring ROO y GWT

Este proyecto se ha generado para servir de ejemplo en un training de Spring ROO y GWT. La tecnología usada para persistencia es Eclipse Link y como base de datos MySQL. El modelo son las entidades típicas en una aplicación de matriculación de asignaturas con alumnos, profesores, departamentos, asignaturas y matricula. Desarrollado usando STS.

Pdfcrop2 - Patch to pdfcrop (by Heiko Oberdiek) adding some functionalities

This patch is intend to add following features: Main featuresUnits support for margin dimensions (pt, mm, in, cm, pica, know any other DTP units? :-) ) Crop all pages to the same size, minimum which allows all content to fit in. This size is determined automatically from max bbox (auto mode). Crop all pages based on paper size, not bbox. In this mode, margins determine, how much each side of paper to cut out (absolute mode). User can exclude some pages from size calculations in auto mode Automat

Jandaya - Sistema Integrado de Gestão

O Projeto Jandaya é um ERP brasileiro de código aberto escrito em C#. O nome é uma homenagem a ave homônima, típica do nordeste, que possui uma plumagem verde e amarela. Jandaya (a ave) no wikipédia: The Jandaya Project is a brazillian opensource ERP written in C#. The name is a tribute to the namesake bird, typical of northeast, which has a green and yellow plumage. Jandaya (the bird) on wikipedia:

Podunk - Simple library for creating tabular PDF reports using Python and Reportlab

A simple library for creating tabular PDF reports in Python using the excellent ReportLab PDF library ( Here's an example: #!/usr/bin/env pythonfrom import Reportfrom podunk.widget.table import Tablefrom podunk.widget.heading import Headingfrom podunk.prefab import alignmentfrom podunk.prefab.formats import format_us_currencyfrom podunk.prefab.formats import format_two_decimalstable = Table()col = table.add_column('employee')col = table.add_column('rate')

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