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Alife research platform to study the evolvability of different assembly-like computer languages. It's similar to Tierra and Avida but it's designed to be more general.



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Perun ALife world

A world of alife based on Physis, inspirated by Avida, written in java. Distributed research platform for evolution experiments.


New Linux distribution aimed at Openmoko Freerunner

XNA Physics Library

PhysiXNA is a physics library for XNA.

Atmos-sysmgmt-dotnet - Microsoft .NET wrapper for getting System Management information from a physi

These wrappers are currently only providing the GET methods of the System Management APIs. Please refer to the Atmos System Management API Guide. Current Version: Methods invoked: GetNodeList GetNodeInfo GetRMGList GetRMGInfo GetSubTenantList ReadSubTenant GetUIDList ReadSharedSecret GetPolicySelectorList GetPolicySelectorInfo GetStorageConsumption

Exposure-render - Open-source implementation of "Interactive direct volume rendering with physi

Exposure Render This Google Code project website is dedicated to Exposure Render, a CUDA based volume raycaster, enhanced with physically based light transport. The implementation details are described in the paper: Exposure render: An interactive photo-realistic volume rendering framework, T. Kroes, F. H. Post, C. P. Botha, submitted to Euro Graphics Exposure Render has been officially released! You can download it here. We have managed to solve the most critical and annoying bugs and are still


physis, a DSL for describing data structures in mobile apps.


a PhysiXEngine (based on cyclone) with a Mechanical Lab where you can test bodies interactions.


a PhysiXEngine (based on cyclone) with a Mechanical Lab where you can test bodies interactions.

physy - Experimental Physics Stuff

Experimental Physics Stuff

Physis - version 1

version 1