Scythe Physics Editor

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A physics editor, for physics based games and applications. Physics engine-independant. Renderer independent. See . Supports .3ds, .obj, and .mesh (Ogre SDK) file formats and Newton, ODE, and Nvidia PhysX physics engines.



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Chipmunk-spacemanager - Objective-C wrapper for chipmunk with Cocos2d-iphone helper objects

Chipmunk SpaceManagerSpaceManager was designed specifically to target chipmunk for use on the iphone in conjunction with cocos2d-iphone. It should be known that SpaceManager can run independently of cocos2d. Also packaged are Cocos2d specific "helper" objects for handling the drawing of shapes, constraints, and sprites (AtlasSprites too) and the connection they have with their chipmunk counterparts. General FeaturesSimplified Objective-C interface to Chipmunk Separation between Active and Static


Contains public source code for, loaders, demos click to edit

PhysicsEditor-Flash - Short example how to use PhysicsEditor with Flash

Short example how to use PhysicsEditor with Flash


Box2D wrapper for cocos2d + box2d, works perfectly with PhysicsEditor


Example project using TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor in cocos2d


This extension provides a reader to the AndEngine Exporter format of the PhysicsEditor ( This gives you the power to draw your physical shapes and integrate them with just one line of code.