PHX Web Platform

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PHX is a thin, yet powerful platform to develop modular PHP web applications. It breaks your web into smaller applications. Config, code and layout are separated. Shared, separate or nested layouts are supported. PHX also supports SES URLs.



Related Projects

Phx-portlets-portal - Implementation of the portlets specification for PHP and sample portal

The goal of this project is to allow the PHP developers to create reusable portlets in standardized way. This project implements JSR 286 specification, also known as Java (TM) Portlet specification version 2.0 (now public draft), in PHP and contains two subprojects: Set of interfaces for creating Portlets in PHX-portlet namespace. Sample portlet container (portal) in PHX-portal namespace. Technologies used in the project: PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework.

Gmodallstuff - This is the project of the all content of addons of Garry'sMod game

Contain : Phx 3 sbmp all life support wiremod wiremod extras Stargate Mckayes Stargate addon Hat Maker. and ce rp props!

Carbuild - A racecar build gamemode for garrys mod

Ever wanted to race with your pals on garrys mod but it was to complicated to start an organized race? well here is the gamemode for you! Features: Optimized spawn menu Organized racing Tracks that have a start and finish Speedometer and statistics HUD Wiremod PHX 3

Ac-130hgmod - Ac-130H Project

We are on a project to create an AC-130H Replica using Wire(TM), Phx(R) 3 and Garry's Mod Copyright (C) Team Magic, Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Fccwebapp - Social web app for faith Christian center

This App extends into social networking websites

Rickysvn - Gmod addons - compiled into one easy-to-use SVN.

Basically, this is all the GMod addons used on Ricky54326's Server, kept up to date via SVN.

Uo-phx - Phoenix D.A.

Desarrollo entre Gabo, Foo y Cancer

Fackin-tennis-gamemode - Garrys Mod Tennis Gamemode for Team Fackin

Fackin TennisFackin' tennis was originally created by the members of team fackin' using a phx play field and a cannon ball. Using gravity guns as the tennis racket. Then Vic Rattlehead, another player , created a map with valve's hammer editor for tennis. One day I (ubercowman) decided that we should make a gamemode. It is nothing right now but hopefully will become really cool.