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Convert Yacc/Bison -v output to a php parser script to develop custom languages for use in php



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iCalScheduler is for room scheduling. Derived from MRBS amp; phpiCalendar, it has been tailored initially for academic settings and adds wizards for finding available rooms at given times, filters for room display, security and database-driven search.

Htmlsvg - <svg> tags in html rendered in <canvas>

htmlsvg.jsby r4ffel rafaelcastrocouto Htmlsvg takes <svg> tags in a html, parses it in javascript, and renders the result on a <canvas> element. With htmlsvg.js you can write <svg> tags in your html code. Can use a URL or write the svg code inside the tag. DemoExample:<html><head> <script type="text/javascript" src="htmlsvg.full.js"></script></head><body> <svg scr="file.svg"></svg></body></html> Check out the 3 step Tutorial. Requires:canvg - rgbcolor - http://www

Jpreports - A Generic Reporting Library For PHP

I want to generate on fly reports.The reports may be required in pdf,xls,doc,txt,csv,html,graph or charts. I was initially thinking of using the BIRT/JASPER/Cognos/Crystal Report/ and other BI and reporting tool. But I find a limitation that they were strictly using Java or Dot Net or they are proprietary in license. My challenge was that I need reporting tool that can generate report of same professional quality using php only. No java or dot net support on the server. I research a lot and conc


A PHP library providing an iCalendar parser and object creator. It is object orientated, unit tested, and conforms strictly to the latest iCalendar standard (the successor to RFC2445).

Hattrickfriendlydatabase - The complete web resource for your Hattrick friendly matches

Hattrick Friendly Database project The goal of Hattrick Friendly Database project is simple: create a database of all your friendly matches. Going to the Hattrick Friendly Database official website and simply entering your loginname and the security code used on Hattrick, you will be able to download from all data of your friendly matches played. These data will be stored in a database for consultation in form of charts (ranking) by any user; these data (rankings) can be called

Shumvc - a simple, but feature rich, mvc framework written in php

Shumvc is a simple, but feature rich, mvc framework written in php.I simply use this mvc to learn more about programming php. Ive always used Symfony so this tends to look like it a little bit. Today, 9th of March, I added support for multiple applications. If your interested in this functionality make sure you have at least revision 37. Documentation will be up soon. Currently under developmentEasy configurable HTML Form helperIm looking into several open-source projects which provide this func

Monket-calendar - An Ajax enabled online calendar with an iCal style interface.

AboutMonket Calendar is coded in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. It is based on the premise of providing an Apple iCal style interface that is available wherever you are. The interface has been designed to make it as easy as possible to add/change/remove events and thereby reduce the frustration of using the browser for entering and managing data. The layout of the events is also important, Monket Calendar is one of the only web based calendars can displays multi-day events spanning accross the

caphpy - The CaPHPy PHP framework

The CaPHPy PHP framework

phpy - phPy is a simple way to call legacy PHP functions from Python.

phPy is a simple way to call legacy PHP functions from Python.

phpi - Simple PHP interactive shell

Simple PHP interactive shell