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phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use xmlRPC library. Function syntax, and plugging into most CMS's (xoops, nuke, pn, etc) is greatly simplified with the use of database/rpc-protocol abstraction. It should run on any php server with most databases.



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PHPRPC is a Remote Procedure Calling (RPC) protocol that works over the Internet. It is secure and fast. It has a smaller overhead. It is powerful and easy to use. This project is the client and server implementations of the PHPRPC.

Phprpcdocs - The docs of PHPRPC

This is the documentation of PHPRPC. See:

Gwt-phpcallback - Automatic RpcPhp calling - Ready To Use

Package to automatic rpc callback to php with code generator. Really simple to use, inspired by GWTcallback and extends by gwtphprpc.Use custom object, throws, primitive type, arrays created in Java, generate php code. What Is PhpRpc CallbackPhpRpc Callback is a simple package to manage connection with php server. Tested on GWT 2.0.0, 2.3.0 ExampleJavaInitialization gwt.xmlImport module <inherits name='com.mostka.phprpc.PhpRpc'/>Set server path <set-configuration-property name="serverPath" value

Gwtphp-derpc - PHP implementation for GWT deRPC

IntroductionGwtPhp-deRPC is a PHP port for the new version of GWT RPC called Direct-Eval RPC (deRPC). This new version, deRPC, is faster than the first one but generates more data to transfer. In production mode, it generates directly JavaScript and allow the internet browser to parse it quickly. The main advantages of GwtPhp-deRPC are : minor modification to do in java side all the classes used in service will be generated in php the php service is easy to write Main Features : all basic types

Zr4u - store data in multi protocol with route management (code in php)

这个项目å�¯ä»¥å­˜å‚¨æ•°æ�®ä½¿ç”¨å¤šç§�å��议(ç£�盘FS文件/NFS文件方å¼�,memcacheå��议方å¼�,tokyo tyrantå��议方å¼�,phprpcå��议方å¼�,或是mysqlæ•°æ�®åº“æ•°æ�®å�•å…ƒï¼ˆä¸�建议使用)) 项目数æ�®å­˜å‚¨æœ‰è·¯ç”±ç®¡ç�†æ¨¡å�—,å�¯ä»¥å¾ˆæ–¹ä¾¿çš„添加以组为å�•ä½�的路由管ç�†æœ�务器和存储æœ�务器。 代ç �支æŒ�集æˆ�å¼�部署或作为远程æœ�务部署(目å‰�实现了phprpcæ–¹å¼�的调用) 代ç �的框架部分使用了基于kohana2框架自行修改è£�å‰

Peetweet - A fully ajaxed twitter web client based on PHPRPC.

PeeTweet is A fully ajaxed twitter web client based on PHPRPC; Still under developing. PeeTweet是使用PHPRPC通讯库抽象了�务器与�览器js之间的通讯的Twitter客户端。PHPRPC使用了DH/XXTEA的密钥交�和加密算法组�,�在普通HTTP链路上实现��的�密传输(完全���感�汇被过滤的情况)。 具体�关注PHPRPC库: PeeTweet的主�开�基于jQuery,功能细节的�点模仿对象是iTweet,高度ajax化

As3libs - A lib collection for Actionscript 3

To provide a useful, reliable, and well performing libs for handling collections of objects in Actionscript 3. current collection(see detail in google SVN): Animation -》 boostworthy_animation�缓动】 tween �缓动】 tweener_1_26_62_as3�缓动】 TweenLiteAS3�缓动】 Flare�特效】 Engine -》 FisixEngine�游�物�】 ModestMaps�地图】 Sandy�3D】 FOAM�3D】 Papervision3D�3D】 Particle�粒�】 Component -》 asWing �组件集】 flexlib�组件集】 flex

phprpc - clone from PHPRPC

clone from PHPRPC