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phpPgAdmin is a fully functional web-based administration utility for a PostgreSQL database server. It handles all the basic functionality as well as some advanced features such as triggers, views, and functions (stored procs)



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Server bundle of : Apache2 , MySQL , PostgreSQL , OpenSSL , Xmail , SlimFTPd Software developing triad of : PHP , Perl and Python + Apache2TriadCP , PHPmyadmin , PHPPgAdmin , AWStats , UebiMiau , PHPXMail , PHPSFTPd. All latest stables , all manuals

Kat - Virtual Image to test J2EE applications

Virtual Image to test J2EE applications. You only need load kat in Virtual Box and ready. Kat is a Debian 5.0 with - Tomcat 6 (manager, admin, lambdaprobe) - Glassfish 3 - Mysql 5.0 - Postgress 8.3 - phpMySQL - phpPgAdmin - Apache2 - PHP - SSH - Vim - Webmin - Sysvconfig

phpPgAdmin AppGen

A module for phpPgAdmin for creating quick applications (application generator) for a created Postgresql database. Currently under developing, source code will be avaible when a stable version is finished.

Lmadb - Progetto Basi Di Dati Evolute - Unical

Progetto Basi di Dati EvoluteProgetto Basi Di Dati Evolute AA 2009/2010 Università della Calabria (Unical) CdL Informatica - SMFN Autori: Loria Salvatore Martire Andrea Agosto Umberto Tecnologie adottate: Java Servlet and JSP Java SQL JDOM (API per la gestione di documenti XML) Strumenti utilizzati: Eclipse for Java EE v3.5 Apache Tomcat v6.0 (Web Server e Servlet Engine) PostgreSQL v8.4 (DBMS) phpPgAdmin v4.2.3 (Interfaccia web per l'amministrazione del DBMS PostgreSQL) Oracle 10g XE (DBMS per


Puppet module to manage phppgadmin - Automatic mirror of


Integrates phpPgAdmin (web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL) as a Dynacase's admin service.


A JSP clone of PhpPgAdmin, developed for the final project in my J2EE JSP & Servlets class.


Very incomplete phpPgAdmin port to AngularJS/node-postgres (in the browser). Based on phpPgAdmin 17981197b36999eaf93fb67c4eb5fc600fb41448

PySQLizr - PySQLizrs aim is to create an online SQLite Database editor similar to phpPgAdmin.

PySQLizrs aim is to create an online SQLite Database editor similar to phpPgAdmin.