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Simple, PHP-based blogging system inspired by the Perl-based Blosxom. Includes advanced features like metadata, modular plug-ins, and conditional GET support. It is also an ideal starting place for developers who wish to create their own systems.



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Plosxom - Textfile based php blog software

IntroductionPlosxom is a blogsoftware written in PHP by Pali Dhar. It is a rewrite of phposxom. Blogposts are stored in textfiles, categories are simple directories. Plosxom has a comprehensive plugin api, which allows to add almost any functionality or to replace existing functionality. DetailsPhposxom were itself a php rewrite of blosxom, but the developer has abandoned the project. I am using it, because I cannot run perl where my site is hosted and because it is small. However, the sourcecod