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PHP-O-Lait is a library that, in 2 boiler-plate lines of code, allows you to call server-side PHP code from client-side JavaScript. It's so easy, in fact, that you don't need to know how it does it (hint, it uses Ajax and JSON).



Related Projects

Yuiolait - A reimplementation of the phpolait library that works in Opera

Phpolait is great ! however because of a bug it doesn't work with opera. Yuiolait is a reimplementation of phpolait that is mostly backward compatible: - it supports asynchronous requests - has the same interface (just include yuiolait.php instead of phpolait.php) - it does not currently support synchronous requests although that could be implemented too if requested - I reduced the number of configuration options to just one (a define in the php file)

Phpolaitex - fork of the excelent phpolait library

this is a fork of phpolait library. it enable you to use your php class based data provider / function / method with your javascript dhtml code in an instant. (only three lines) instant reuse of your php libraries for web 2.0 upgrades instant json-rpc server from php libraries new features: - phpolaitex can now be included as library from script tag. - add dojo smd generation. now have fun with dojo json-rpc with your php libraries.