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Myrealty - Open Source Website Engine for Real Estate Offices

This package is based on a number of free applications including: phpMyAdmin phpMyVisites Calendarix Xinha AnyLink CHROMELESS WINDOWS Prototype Scriptaculous\t Lightbox Combined, it provides everything that is needed for a real estate office's website.

Tacmysql - php mysql database manager

TAC-MySQL is a lightweight PHP MySQL Database Management System. TAC-MySQL is designed to perform simple modifications to tables to a MySQL Server. It originally created basic tables for me to work with, but as time went I needed it to do more. Please don't think that TAC-MySQL is a phpmyadmin replacement, it isn't at all. If you are wanting a large scale database manager then we aren't your choice. TAC-MySQL is for simple management of your database's modifications to tables, alterations to fie

Dynamic Administration System

DAS is the Dynamic content Administration System for the websites. It is designed for the content management of DB. It is somewhat similar to phpMyAdmin, but is specialized to edit content of the sites and their sections, rather than general purpose data.


The GoPenServer (Go-Open-Server) is an HTTP/FTP Server that includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and phpMyAdmin. It also contains everything you need to create a website, including Nvu, Audacity, GIMP and several PHP apps that are updated frequently.

Signlinkcms - Content Management System for the companion Signlink Studio software

OverviewSignlinkCMS is an online Content Management System developed specifically for users of sign languages (e.g., American Sign Language- ASL, Langue des signes quebecoise- LSQ, British Sign Language- BSL). SignlinkCMS is is written in PHP and supports the creation of posts using videos, images, text, and sign language-based videos with embedded signed hyperlinks that are produced by Signlink Studio (a free authoring tool available from In SignlinkCMS, icons, animatio

Xoopserver - Xoopserver - Portable WAMP environment for XOOPS Cube

XOOPSERVER 5 release 31.10.2008English and French update Japanese update by S. Higashi XOOPSERVER 5 release 09.09.2008Download, unarchive and copy folders to your Xoopserver 5 installation This release fix charset issue and cgi web edition. Tested with USB 2.0 Unpack with 7zip or Winrar. Space required, about 31 Mb. XOOPSERVER 5 release 2.09.2008Download, unarchive and copy folders to your Xoopserver 5 installation This patch fix IExplorer 7 html issues XOOPSERVER 5 release 28.08.2008The XOOPSER

Narro - Translate, we're open

Narro really lowers the entry barrier to the software translation world by using a simple, intuitive interface and extensive checking to ensure that translation quality is kept high and people learn by translating, not by reading guidelines. I like to call it open translation because anyone can contribute, anyone can make better suggestions anytime and from anywhere. Translation maintainers benefit as well by pushing the changes to the versioning system or the other way around simply by pushing

Postimer - Eve-Online POS Reinforcement Timer

Simple Web Site to display Re-inforcement Timers for Eve online Structures. The application is based on the Yii framework and requires this to function. Download Yii from See the help and tutorials on the Yii site for help on configuring. It is recommended that you get the simple example website "hangman" working to ensure that your Yii framework is correctly installed. New Release Version 2.2.0 on 12-10-2011 This version is tested with Yii framework version 1.1.8. I


This is a CRUD class that will allow you to point to multiple mysql instances and allow you to configure each field as a unique widget type when Creating or Updating records. Create administration consoles for miscellaneous tables and grant permission to view table groups or use it to run websites without writing SQL code. Custom pre and post processors for each table update/insert allow you to program whatever is needed with your particular needs. Foreign key lookups make table management easy.